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Four Ways To Make Money Online

Everyone loves to learn of new ways to put money in their pockets.  The internet has completely changed the workforce since its creation.  Telecommuting jobs have blossomed in abundance over the past few years.  Crowdfunding sites are becoming a pivotal beginning to many people’s lifelong endeavors, and survey sites are always around if you have a free moment.  If you’re interested in opening up a whole new world of information that will help you generate income, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here are a few of the top ways to make money online.   

Crowdfunding sites

Crowdfunding sites are all the new rage in independent fund raising.  People all over the world use these sites to stir up interest and support for their lifelong dreams.  If you dream of opening your own cafe or writing a novel, these type of sites will provide the medium to begin your journey.  Entrepreneurs beware!  The market just became more competitive, because these sites work.  Thousands of people have started their dream projects from the kind donations of the browsing public.  Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on this new trend.  

Content writing

There are hundreds of content writing jobs available on any given day.  You just have to put in the work to search for the best one to fit your abilities and personality.  Content writers are a helpful community of writers.  You’ll learn a bunch while making a buck.  You will also have the opportunity to finally work at home in your pajamas.  It’s a telecommuting position, so you’re free to relax and write.  

Completing surveys

Completing surveys probably won’t replace your full time job, but you can make a little extra scratch on the side.  If you have the patience and the interest in scrolling through hundreds of questions about almost everything, then this job could definitely work for you.  There are a lot of imposter sites out there, though, so you should be careful as you search.  Make sure you check for the secured site logo up in the address bar before you give out any of your personal information.  Set up some good phishing protection on your device as well.  

eBay & Craigslist

eBay and Craigslist are two of the major websites that will provide a medium for anyone.  You can sell almost anything on these sites short of human organs.  With a fair price, and plenty of pictures being uploaded, you WILL sell something.  Craigslist doesn’t charge any sort of fee to use their site, but you can really only sell things in local and surrounding areas.  It’s not really a long distance medium. Don’t be afraid of eBay by any means.  Their fees are minimal.  

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