Get A Skin That Works As Hard As Your MacBook Air

Inside your thin MacBook Air 13, its 5th generation Intel Core i5 is working hard so you can do the things that need to get done. Whether it’s editing the photos from your latest holiday, inputting data into Numbers for work, or just purely surfing the web in your down time, your MacBook’s processors operate incredibly fast. Furthermore, its no-moving parts flash storage beefs the MacBook Air so that it’s 17 times faster than a regular notebook.  Its processing power and memory are helped along by OS X Yosemite. With a streamlined and capable design, it makes using your computer fun and easy.

All told, the MacBook Air 13 is a hard working computer, and you need to work hard to protect it. For as much as the newest Macs are functional and powerful, they are delicate things that can be easily scratched, dented, and otherwise damaged. Sometimes these damages are sustained through no fault of your own. We’ve all heard of horror stories that involve a person who accidentally spills sticky pop all over their friend’s laptop. While we can’t predict what the future holds (or what are friends might do), we can give our MacBooks a fighting chance against these accidents.

Ensuring your MacBook Air has a skin is your best chance in a world full of accidents. Without one, it’s akin to driving your convertible with its hood down all the time. The car will run, but there’s no protection from the elements. Eventually, this exposure will leave behind damages, ruining the upholstery and gadgets. When you walk around without a skin on your MacBook, eventually its top, bottom, and trackpad will have battle scars in the form of dents, scratches, and nicks.

As their name suggests, MacBook Air 13 skins act like a second skin. Its thin vinyl material covers the exterior of your MacBook and its trackpad, ensuring that sharp objects can’t scratch its surface and ruin your laptop’s finish. It’s also waterproof, so water and other liquids will easily bead against its surface – turning a disaster spill of coke into an easily mopped up affair.

They also hold the opportunity to personalize your MacBook. Certain skin providers understand that individuality is just as important as protection when it comes to MacBooks. That’s why companies like dbrand offer a huge selection of textures and colours. Their selection and price makes it easy to buy cool MacBook Air 13” skins that are designed with your personality in mind.

When you use your MacBook Air as much as you do, it only makes sense to protect it from daily wear and tear. Your laptop will look amazing and, more importantly, have a solid defence against accidents because a skin works as hard as your Mac does.

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