Green Ideas For New Business Start-Ups

With climate change a real concern for many people around the world, new businesses with a conscience may be toying with the idea of creating a green company. If you’d like to earn cash, with as little impact to the environment as possible, here are some ideas to get you started.

Sustainable Event Planning

Big, celebratory events really do make their mark on the environment; especially the local environment. It’s amazing the litter and refuse that is produced by these gatherings. As a sustainable event planner, you can come up with solutions to this issue and source eco-friendly champagne/canapés for the guests.

Green Energy

If you’re looking for a huge enterprise to sink your teeth into, green energy generation may be the option for you. Depending on which method you choose, this is an especially dicey venture for a start-up, and many companies choose to enlist insurance companies to help them manage risk; such as the recent join up between Lloyd’s and ACWA Power. But don’t let that put you off! It’s certainly do-able, and if you have your heart set on green energy generation, you should go for it!

Eco-Friendly Landscape Gardening

If your fingers are as green as your intentions, landscape gardening is a great opportunity to transform people’s back yards and do your bit for the environment. Plant wildlife-friendly flowers and trees, create a composting station, and use native shrubs that thrive in our climate. You can even create a vegetable and herb patch for your customers, so they can grow their own at home!

Environmentally-Friendly Fabrics: Fashion

You only need to take a look at brands like Mina + Olyaand Freedom of Animals to see how far sustainable fashion has come over the last few decades. If you feel as though you have something to offer the vegan chic parade, choose your approach (whether that’s shoes, accessories, or clothes) and start designing.

Green Cleaning Company

There will always be gigs for cleaners. However, cleaning products tend to be a cocktail of truly harmful components. This gets into our water systems and causes so many problems. Equipped with environmentally-friendly, gentle products, offer a green solution for clients. For local jobs, you can even send off your cleaning teams on bikes, to prevent excessive car journeys.

Organic Food Vendor

If you can get your hands on fertile land, you can create your own small-scale vegetable farm. The fruits of your labour can be taken to farmers markets and sold there, or you can even create your own organic food stall, turning your ingredients into delicious street food – there are lots of possibilities here.

Bicycle Maintenance

Encourage people to get on their bikes, rather than into their cars, by keeping their cycles in good nick. As a bicycle maintenance shop, you can even start to sell your own bikes (sustainably made, of course) or offer refurbishment for any cycles that have seen too many road miles.

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