Grounds for Seeking Cosmetic Surgery Injury Claims

Anything can happen when you decide to go under the knife to improve your overall look. Even for non-invasive surgeries, anything can happen. Just remember that you can do something to get justice after the incident if something terrible happens. Don’t be afraid that you are fighting against a huge clinic or hospital. Think of yourself as the victim, and you are just getting what you rightfully deserve. Here are some grounds to consider when asking for compensation.


As medical providers, surgeons have to meet the same standards as any other medical professional. They need to sterilise the operating room and the equipment used for surgery. They also need to make sure that they perform their duties using the best medical practices. If they can’t provide quality results due to their failure to meet the standards, you can sue them. They are to be held liable for potential complications after a surgery. If the surgery resulted in scarring or infections when it should not have, you have the right to file a malpractice claim against the surgeon responsible during the procedure.

Breach of contract

Before entering the operating room, you need to sign a contract. It has to be clear what will be given to you and what amount you need to pay. It should also be clear that you are getting the right treatment as expected. If the procedure results in a botched operation, you can claim that they have violated the contract. This is very common for breast enhancement procedures. Some women have claimed to have received implants of the wrong size. Others suffered from unbearable pain even months after the procedure was over. If procedures were performed that were not agreed upon, you can also sue them.

Breach of warranty

After a surgery, another surgery might be necessary to prevent the problem from getting worse. There might also be minor mistakes that the surgeon has to correct. This is called corrective surgery. If the problem is so bad that you have to get corrective surgeries, you can call it a breach of warranty. You entered the operating room hoping that you would go through just one procedure and call it a day. If you have to go through a lot after the said procedure, you can sue the surgeon.

Before taking any legal action, make sure that you have the best legal professionals by your side to help you. Cosmetic surgery claims are complex, and you can’t go through the process without an expert guiding you. You need someone who will explain to you the procedure, how much you can claim, and what processes are involved before you get what is rightfully yours.

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