Guidelines on How to Ensure Safety of Your Kids When in School

As parents, your main priority is always the welfare of your kids. As much as possible you want to guard them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but it’s not really possible most especially once they started schooling. They’ll be away from you and your protection so it’s not a surprise that most parents feel paranoid and concerned. This scenario is extra concerning if you just moved to a new country and your kids are starting to attend school for the first time. Well, do not worry because we prepared some tips to help you ensure safety of the children when they are in school.


  1. Choose a reputable school – first of all, you need to carefully choose a good school for your kid. If you are currently living in Singapore then it is highly recommendable to enroll your kid in Singapore International School wherein they can have the best education and at the same time a safe environment. You should also take into consideration the distance of the school from your house. It would be tiring for kids to travel long distance. Also, you want to be able to get to them as quickly as possible in case of emergency so be sure to choose a good school that is near your house or office.
  2. Get contact details of teachers and some parents of other students – it is also advisable to get all necessary contact details like phone number of the school, mobile numbers of teachers and parents of other students. This way, you know how to contact them in case you have questions or in case of emergency like you’ll be late in picking up your kid or in case they are sick and cannot attend school.
  3. Pack lunch and snacks for your kids – another main concern of parents is the proper food intake of kids at school. They will be exposed to junk foods and other unhealthy foods from school canteen so what you should do is make sure to pack lunch and snacks for them every day. With this, you are confident that they are eating healthy and clean meals.
  4. Pick them up on time – it is very important to make sure that you are on time when picking up your kids. You do not want them to wander around without any adult supervision. You should also advise the school admin not to allow your kid to go out without you picking them up or any authorised representative.
  5. Prep them not to talk to strangers – lastly, the good old “do not talk to strangers” is still very much useful and you should tell this to your kid. You should tell them not to talk especially accept anything from a stranger.


Sure there will come a day wherein you need to let go of your kids and let them stand on their own feet but while they are young, you should do your best to keep them safe and healthy all the time. You should consider the tips that we discussed here so you can feel at ease that your kids are safe away from home.


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