Head into business with these wacky ventures

You can run a boring, buttoned-up business with the dreariness of a mortician, or you can run a by-the seat of your pants, snappy, exciting enterprise that’s more left-of-centre than a Syriza/Russell Brand mash-up.

Needless to say, the latter is the most fun – and it could make you a profit.

With that in mind, what oddball businesses cold you get into that’ll keep you interested and, more importantly, keep you flush?

Fill the void of property cleaning

Imagine delving into the murky interior of a long- forgotten property, like you were a small scale Christopher Columbus. The things you might find!

That’s the basic premise behind void property cleaning, the business that’s making well-run companies a lot of money.

Although you’ll have to get your hands dirty, clearing out a disused property has an inherent sense of satisfaction. Just think of how much pride you’ll feel turning a rotting scrapheap into a shining, almost-new building.

Flex your vocal chords

You know those funny voices you hear in cartoons and videogames? They aren’t just provided by random people plucked off the street. These people are voiceover artists – and they’re raking in cash.

While not exactly a business – it’s more of a freelance position – it is an unconventional and fun way to make money.

Pay depends on the size of the project you’re working on, and the range of characters you’re voicing. More than this, it’s the perfect way to express your creativity, and give those vocal chords a workout.

This time it’s personal (shopping)

Do you love the feeling of retail therapy? Then becoming a personal shopper is ideal for you.

Giving you the chance to spend someone else’s money and get paid for it, personal shopping sounds like everyone’s perfect job. But it does take some responsibility.

Unless you’re shopping for an eccentric billionaire, money will matter to your client. So, to prove you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll have to build a folio of great design choices you’ve made. And you’ll go far if you can collect testimonials from people who have been satisfied with your work in the past.

Pretty soon you’ll be shopping for sheiks and choosing outfits for royalty.

Eccentricity – to make you cash

Those whimsical, wacky inventors – the type of people who grow flamboyant moustaches and say grandiose phrases like “tally ho!” and “splendiferous!” – make the world go round, and they’re practically swimming in money.

Coming up with your own unique idea is at the heart of good business. It’s your unique selling product and, provided it fulfils a consumer need, it can make plenty of cash.

So, strike out on your own and make plenty of cash.

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