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Hiring Scaffolding? How to Choose the Right Type of Scaffolding System

Scaffolding is indispensable for working safely at heights. Its lightweight design and ease of installation make scaffolding the perfect ally to perform construction and restoration tasks.

How to plan the project

Before hiring scaffolding, you should think about all the jobs for which it can be useful. If you are going to work in the interior of the building, doing masonry tasks or painting, you can use a small scaffolding tower within the confines of the interior.

If it’s outside, you can choose between several types, depending on the height you need. Some are extendable for high-rise work and others are assembled in order to use their parts as independent staircases. The weight of the scaffolding, and how easy it is to transport are also important.

Experts in the hiring of scaffolding in Sussex offer the following recommendations to keep in mind.

The key points of scaffolding

Before choosing a scaffolding system to use, you should pay particular attention to these aspects:


The weight of the scaffolding is a characteristic that must be taken into account in order to handle it easily without compromising its stability. Most of them are made of steel and aluminium.


A modular scaffolding system allows you to easily transport it. Once the scaffolding has been assembled, it must be able to be easily moved between the different work places. Most models have wheels to move the structure from one side to the other without having to disassemble the scaffolding.

Resistance and load capacity

You should choose scaffolding taking into account the maximum load you have to support. You cannot overload the platform or the scaffolding structure, so calculate the expected weight and hire the appropriate scaffolding system.

Maximum stability

The stability bars and the cross bars are what give rigidity and stability to the structure of the scaffolding. They must be positioned and assembled correctly. Depending on the height, you must have one or two horizontal bars at the bottom and also one or two at the top, which can also serve as handrails. There may also be horizontal intermediate bars. Full stability is achieved with the cross bars placed diagonally at different heights, depending on the maximum height of the scaffolding.

Types of scaffolding

There are scaffolding systems whose sides, once disassembled, can also be used as a folding or extendable ladder if you attach them together, to reach a working height of around 4 metres. This type of ladder scaffolding allows you to work at different levels, reaching a height of almost 4.5 metres.

Modular scaffolding is assembled by using modules, to get the height you want. It consists of frames or structures of scaffolding and extensible metal platforms, plus the corresponding extensions and cross bars that give stability. It is attached to support bases in the form of legs, simple or adjustable, and can be anchored to the ground or on wood. There is also the possibility of putting lockable wheels on the legs to be able to move easily from one place to another. You can assemble several levels of identical modules, superimposing frames, reinforcing with crossheads and corresponding extensions and placing handrails.

Maximum security

When working at heights, extreme caution is necessary, since any mistake can cause an accident. The anchoring of the scaffolding parts must be well planned, placed on stable ground and anchored to the wall or floor, if necessary.

The scaffolding must always be placed in a stable manner to withstand the force of wind and rain. The working platform must be non-slip and must be well locked to prevent it from leaving the structure.

A protective railing is indispensable for working at height. Workers should also be equipped with harnesses or fall arrest belts. The platforms should never be overloaded, so the max-weight recommendation given by the manufacturer must be respected.

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