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Hitachi UK: The Benefits of Choosing a Hitachi Commercial Fleet

Using a commercial vehicle fleet is one of the most cost effective solutions for business travel. Whether you supply company vehicles to individual reps within your staff body or you need to use a fleet service which gives your employees the option of a business pool car, employing a commercial fleet specialist such as Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, could be your most economical option.

Commercial vehicle leasing offers a convenient and simple way to provide your staff with the right cars and servicing and maintenance costs are completely taken care of, leaving you with a hassle-free contract deal. So if you are looking for a commercial vehicle fleet, read on to find why Hitachi is the best.

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Advantages of Choosing Hitachi for Commercial Vehicles

Hitachi has over 25 years’ experience in funding commercial fleets across all industries and sectors in the UK.  Read the company’s detailed case studies online to discover more about how they have helped other businesses cut costs and manage their commercial fleet effectively.

Here are the benefits of choosing Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions for your commercial vehicle fleet:

  • Wide Range of Markets

Hitachi works across every industry and sector so the company’s experience is unrivalled.

  • Broad Range of Vehicle Requirements

From LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles) and HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) to 26 tonne tippers, Hitachi can offer broad range of vehicles to suit your business requirements.

  • Bespoke Vehicles

Hitachi can also offer bespoke or specialist vehicles for niche businesses looking for something designed to suit their area of the market.

  • Unbeatable Hitachi Support

Hitachi supports its customers through field based account managers and highly qualified engineers, so your business will always be looked after by a dedicated support team.

  • Flexible Solutions

Whether you are a Small-to-Medium business or a big corporation, Hitachi can offer solutions which are tailored to you. Understanding your business objectives first and foremost allows Hitachi to provide a flexible offering.

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