How a Capsular Contracture Specialist who Fixes Hardened Breast Implants Can Help

A lot of women have breast augmentation surgery and they are generally very happy with the result. However, in some cases they may develop excessive scar tissue which forms on the implant period as a result it will Harden. This car then starts to squeeze the implant, leading to it looking out of shape. That is known as capsular contracture. Should this happen to you, you will need to find a capsular contracture specialist who fixes hardened breast implants.

What a Capsular Contracture Specialist who Fixes Hardened Breast Implants Can Do

Whenever the human body is damaged, it will form scar tissue. However, capsular contracture is different. In this case, the implant will start to feel hard and firm. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict whether or not it contractor will take place. Yet, it is a very common problem and it does require immediate help. Your position should have discussed this with you before the surgery and told you what to do should you uncover a contractor.

There are ways to minimise the chance of having capsular contracture. One of those is to have textured implants. Those have a rough surface that makes it hard for scar tissue to form on. Alternatively, you can request the implant to be placed underneath your muscle. Indeed, should your require surgery for the contractor, it is likely that any new implant will automatically be a textured one and that it will be placed under the muscle.

Should you have been fitted with smooth implants, you may want to consider compression or massages to avoid capsular contracture. You should have this for a number of weeks after you have had the surgery, and you must make this part of your routine. Naturally, the surgeon should have made sure that no foreign object came into contact with the and plant during the time of the surgery.

Should you develop a contractor regardless, you are likely to be prescribed antibiotics first. If surgery is required, the physician will first try to remove the capsule itself. Do make sure your position does not just cut through the capsule. This is something some doctors will do because it releases this car. However, this can lead to other problems later on in life.

In case you have a large capsular contracture, or if the antibiotics haven’t worked there are, thankfully, many other options available as well. You do not have to worry about having a ruined physique as a result. Different forms of surgery, including breast implant replacement, exist. However what any specialist should tell you, is that prevention is always better than cure. Hence trying to do all you can to avoid capsular contracture in the first place is better than fixing it later.

It is also recommended to visit an actual specialist should you have a contracture. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your contractor happened because of your original surgeon. Hence, going elsewhere might be a better idea.

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