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How is Technology Making the Home a Safer Place?

With advancements in technology, the home is becoming more secure and safer to live in. Whether it’s deterring someone from trying to enter your home, making it more difficult to break in to or improving the chance of capturing an intruder, technological advancements have improved all these areas of safety and security.

Safer Traditional Lighting

When it comes to lighting a home, some prefer old fashioned candles in certain locations for a traditional, relaxed look. However, open flames are a fire hazard, and candles are the cause of as many as 2,000 cases of fire a year. Luckily, the technology available today makes it possible to have the best of both worlds: a pretty candle without an open flame. The House of Fraser Flameless Candles offer just that – looking identical to a lit candle without being a fire hazard.

Improved Lock Technology

The technology in lock security has improved greatly in recent years. It’s just as well because there is an increasing availability of lock picking information on the internet right now. Even when a door can’t be picked, though, there are still ways of removing the whole frame.

Therefore, the technology for recognising faces, voices and speech may replace these traditional ways of securing and accessing homes in the future. At present, the latest systems offer up-to 99% positive identification, removing the need for keys, ID cards and signing in.

Warding off Intruders

Of course, scaring off intruders before they can even try to break into your home is the ideal scenario. Outdoor lighting has been around for a long time, but this simple bit of motion-sensing technology has provided an effective deterrent for many households.

Equally effective at making someone think twice about breaking into your home is a surveillance system. Despite advancements in camera technology, allowing for smaller and smaller devices, you may still want them to be clearly visible as a warning to potential burglars. Significantly, though, greater available and cheap storage space allows for more footage in greater quality to be captured and stored. So if someone does break into your home, you’ll have an improved chance of identifying them.

Also particularly effective is the “Home Alone” method of warding off opportunist intruders. Some households will leave a light on while they are away, but what about having the TV turn on at set times? The technology is certainly available to do this!

New Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are far more advanced than they used to be, when they could only alert the police and sound a siren. Nowadays, you can buy ones that connect to your portable devices and be remotely controlled for letting in guests, your kids or even the window cleaner. They also reduce the need for so many keys to be cut, and entering and exiting your home is a lot quicker with this technology.

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