How the sports and fashion worlds intertwine

Everybody is on a fitness kick these days and busy schedules are packed with morning runs, lunch time gym sessions, yoga nights, and after hours training swims. Action packed lifestyles are where it’s at and having the right clothes to compliment this has never been more important. Sport and fitness have become such a big part of our lives that we have changed the way we dress on a day to day basis. Today, we seek out clothing that not only looks good whilst we’re working out, but works equally well as comfortable casual wear in down time.

Style pacemakers

Fashion brands have been quick to identify and run with this new sporting passion and on the international catwalks names such as Chanel team sneakers with couture looks with sensational results. More generally, sportswear has been given the luxury treatment with materials such as cashmere and silk coming into play. Revisiting classic sporting silhouettes from the past and giving them a modern re-vamp has become cool. Golfing, tennis, and swim apparel have all benefited from successful vintage and retro interpretations in recent years. In reality, the designs of most modern sports casual collections work successfully on many levels, making them the go-to garments for cool looks in everyday living.

Direct male

Busy lifestyles mean men seek out clothing that’s easy care, great looking, stylish, and versatile. In the latest gear for men the humble tracksuit pant has a firm position as favorite choice of workout gear for men. These days this design classic is a staple of many urban and street wardrobes, weekend wear, and just chilling out time. Designs put together for comfort and style are winning the popularity wars because they hit the mark in terms of practicality and good looks. In fact, sportswear is so desirable these days it is normal for those who have never seen the inside of a gym to wear it.

Mix and match

Guys wearing sports tops, jackets, vests, and track pants with athletic detailing combine them with neutral basics for a sporty but relaxed vibe. A running jacket thrown on with a pair of jeans can hint at a healthy lifestyle but also look fresh, sporty, and cool. The same goes for ladies. Team yoga pants and sneakers with a sheer smock top and camisole for a relaxed, feminine evening look that says, “I’m fit and fun.” Equally, a cashmere golfing sweater or a pair of equestrian jodhpurs teamed with riding boots work just as well in the city as out on the fairway or in the field.

Celebrity notes

Anybody taking a passing interest in Hollywood celebrity lifestyles will be familiar with paparazzi images of A-listers exiting the gym. Forget sweaty and disheveled, these people always appear glamorous and fashionable, managing to achieve that ”Yes, I’ve just bench pressed 300 pounds but still look like I’m promenading along La Croissette in Cannes” appeal. They do this by sourcing sportswear that fizzes with fashion-forward attitude and sharpest chic.

Now that fitness is so intertwined in our lives, it seems the worlds of sport and fashion will be forever linked. We can look forward to a future packed with fashion that enhances our lifestyles with equal touches of the practical and the beautiful. That sounds like the best of both worlds, or to use a sporting term, a win win…

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