How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue and Avoid Errors

Today we are going to talk about how to make a good wedding venue choice and get it for a reasonable amount of money with everything that you have dreamed of included.

There are many things that you need to consider in relation to your wedding, and booking a wedding venue.


Whether you like it or not, the concept of “the wedding of my dreams” must fit the reality of your budget.

When starting to look for the venue, keep in mind first:

  • Budget, the sum that you intend to spend directly on the rental of the facilities.

  • Number of guests, this point will help you to determine the necessary capacity of the venue and the approximate cost of the banquet.

  • Additional premises (for example, a place for the wedding reception, accommodation, etc.) and its cost.

  • Additional equipment (if required according to your plan).


Before selecting a venue for the wedding, you must define the style! This is another filter that allows you to limit the search and quickly approach the ideal venue. Do you envisage a country hotel? A gallery? A high fashion villa by the sea? Or maybe an old castle?

Make up your mind. A clear understanding of the style you are looking for will help you save on decoration, simply select the space that suits your financial and stylistic expectations.


The fewer transfers, additional deliveries and transportation of guests and props from one place to another, the better. It will be less problematic, and also more comfortable and cheaper.

The ideal venue will allow you to host:

  • The romantic photo session of the couple.

  • Taking photos of the bride in the morning.

  • The wedding ceremony.

  • The banquet.

Of course, it might also be desirable if visitors could stay there or nearby, if you are looking for the perfect venue.

The wedding ceremony

When evaluating the venue of the wedding, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Capacity, selected based on the number of guests at the wedding + the photographer’s workplace, the video operator, and so on.

  • The place for the welcome buffet, an important moment: guests should have the opportunity to move freely between the buffet area and the venue of the ceremony.

  • The necessary number of tables and chairs.

  • Equipment for the ceremony, some places provide equipment (tables, chairs and variations on the theme of the arch). If the proposed options do not suit you, ask if you can bring your own and how much it will cost.

  • Access and security, the only ones who should have access to the wedding ceremony are the guests and the staff involved in the ceremony!

  • Decoration, pay attention to the fact that near the wedding arch, if you use one, there are no sources of colour, light or other stimuli that distract attention.

Decoration of the venue

Before signing an agreement with the venue, it is best to bring your decorator (or wedding planner) to the location. A professional will see all the defects in the site that might spoil the celebration: for example, the impossibility of hanging the necessary decorations, defects in the design of the banquet hall, the prohibition of the use of open fires (candles), the connections of certain types of equipment, etc.

Menu and services

A delicious meal and good quality alcohol are important elements. Popular wedding venues Oxfordshire offers provide their customers tasting sessions; it is also a good solution to order the so-called tasting dinner, in which you can try all the banquet dishes and choose the ones you liked.

Pay attention to the level of service

Ask about the number of staff; ideally, each table for 8-10 people should be attended by at least one waiter. Also, before selecting a venue, check how the administration react to your requests and comments. The helpfulness and support of the administration is an additional bonus when planning the wedding, which allows a well-organised and unhindered celebration, as you wished!

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