How to Find a Good Engineer!

Whether you’re interested in hiring an engineer for a one-off job or for a full-time contract, Yigang Tang has tips to discover a few insightful tips on how to find a great engineer.

How to find a good engineer:

1. Use LinkedIn to check the credentials of engineers in your area

One way to find a good engineer is to use the popular website LinkedIn to check the credentials of all of the engineers in your area. LinkedIn works as a sort of online resume and for each engineer whose profile you’ll click on you find out important information such as what colleges they attended and what companies they have worked for in the past.

So if a particular engineer boasts an impressive track record and boasts a degree from a well-respected college, you may want to consider adding them to your shortlist of potential engineers to choose from. While if an engineer features little information on their LinkedIn page, you may want to strike them from your list of potential candidates as chances are if an engineer can’t find regular work, that there may be a serious issue with their professionalism, work effort or skill level.

Lastly, LinkedIn as a platform also allows individuals to link themselves to individuals who they have a professional relationship with, so it’s well worth opting for an engineer who boasts plenty of links to legitimate individuals and businesses.

2. If you’re looking to hire an engineer for the long term, consider posting advertisements on a variety of professional employment sites

If you’re not looking to hire the professional services of an experienced, educated engineer for a one-off job and are looking to hire an engineer to work for your business for the foreseeable future, it’s well worth posting a professional job advert on a popular employment site. Which happens to attract a huge amount of traffic.

As the more resumes and cover letters which you receive from potential candidates, as the more job applications you receive, the more likely you are to find the right candidate to fulfill your currently vacant engineering position.

If you’re interested in following this particular route it’s also well worth considering whether or not you’d like to pay a little extra money in order to have your engineering advert placed on the front pages of your chosen employment sites. As job adverts which feature on the front pages of employment websites, normally attract a sizeable number of views as well as job applications.

3. Read a wide array of online reviews on each engineer who are considering employing

Before you offer a short-term or a long-term contract to a local engineer, it’s well worth checking a wide variety of unbiased online reviews, to find out whether each engineer’s previous clients were satisfied with the work which they completed.

So if you’re looking to hire an engineer either for a short time period or for the foreseeable future, it’s definitely worth rereading the tips listed above in order to choose an experienced, talented engineer. As the last thing you want to do is to hire a substandard engineer.

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