How To Hire The Right Salespeople

The consensus hiring managers in the sales industry have come to is that meeting prospective employees in an interview setting before hire is instrumental to finding the perfect candidate. However, did you know that relying on interviews for the purposes of picking the best applicant isn’t always very useful?This is because standard open-ended interviews rarely call into question a candidate’s true capabilities, or whether their sales personality would make a good fit for the company. An applicant’s ability to interview well does not necessarily make them any more or less ready for the position than their competitor. Some interviewing processes can however provide false leads while wasting time and resources. What’s more is they may prevent the right people from getting their foot in your door.

This doesn’t mean the interviewing process must be discarded completely, but it should be streamlined to reflect the needs of the organization. To do that you must do an analysis of your company and the position(s) you’re hiring for. Be very clear about what credentials you want potential candidates to have, what attitude works well for the position, and be strict about whether or not they can meet the unique needs of your enterprise in a practical way. One way to salvage the interviewing process without relying on it (or a well-crafted resume) too heavily is to implement online sales personality tests at the beginning of job applications, to help narrow the field of competition.

Tests available through providers like SalesTestOnline are created by industrial psychologists and designed to measure motivation, sociability, sense of urgency, assertiveness, and other traits that an effective salesperson should have. They do this by determining the qualities your position calls for, creating an ideal profile and then comparing candidates against this target. If an applicant scores between 80-100%, their approach to sales is likely to be compatible with yours. It is at this point that performing interviews (with only your highest scoring candidates) will yield you more desirable results.

Sales managers have awarded the test a 90% accuracy rate and 97% reorder rate for positions that come open in the future. Not only is the test precise, it’s also simple to administer and to take; it is non-invasive, non-intrusive, and only asks the applicant for 10 minutes of their time. Results are then delivered immediately to the hiring manager or hiring team. Furthermore, sales personality tests can be implemented at various points throughout a new employee’s training to show more clearly where they need to improve.

Until a company gains an excellent understanding of their own needs, and what type of salesperson would benefit their team on a practical level, they will continue to hire candidates ill-fit for the job. They’ll also spend time conducting interviews that don’t necessarily make a difference for whether these prospective employees work out in the long term. Rather than going into the hiring process blind, take advantage of tools like sales personality tests, created to make the experience both transparent and successful.

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