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How to Install a New Front Door

The front of your property is the first thing people will see when they walk by or pop round for a visit. It’s therefore imperative that your property looks nice on the outside, so as to make the best first impression.

One of the first things people will see is the state of your front door. After all, it’s the gateway to your home and one of the easiest things to personalise with regards to your property’s exterior. Because of this, many people choose to personalise their front door by changing its colour, adding quirky little details or deciding to hang a new door altogether.

Choosing the Right Door

If you do decide to hang a new front door you should remember that your front door serves three vital purposes. The first, of course, is to make the outside of your house look nice. The second is to help your property retain heat, and thereby save you money. The third is to provide a measure of security for your home. None of us like to think that our homes will be broken into, but a good front door will go some way to ensuring this doesn’t happen. When you choose a front door you should makes sure to take all three of these points into consideration. Many homeowners actually find that all three of these needs can be met simply by opting for a UPVC door from Dunster House.

Pre-Hung Doors

Opting for a pre-hung door can simplify the installation process, Even if you have no prior experience you may find that following a simple online guide will help to walk you through this process, which should take no more than a day to complete. Pre-hung doors have the advantage that you won’t end up with a door that is too large or small for the frame, and frames tend to be easier to install than doors on their own.

Replacing Just the Door

If you choose to replace just the exterior door, and not the frame as well, you will need to make sure that the door you choose is the absolute perfect fit for your frame. However, in some cases installing a new frame would disturb the structure of your property, in which case installing just the door is the best option. You may find that you have to adjust or replace existing hinges. Make sure you have a little extra wood on the door that will allow for any trimming or planning needed to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

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