How To Make An Elegant Survey Your Customers Will Fall In Love With

We’ve all had it at least once in our lives. Whether it’s through email, word of mouth or to get access to a section of a website.

You know what I am talking about.

The dreaded never-ending survey.

When you get asked to fill it in, a part of you dies inside knowing that you are going to willingly waste time getting it done.

Which is not exactly how you want to make your customers feel, right?

Well, the good news is through this article we will be going through essential tips to help you find templates, create insightful – concise surveys, and not drain your customers souls one question at a time – ready to get into it?

Just What Exactly Are You Hoping To Get Out The Survey1

SMB’s have a host of beneficial choices behind doing surveys and getting feedback from customers. However, you need to define one goal that you are hoping to achieve with the results that you get from your customers.

This could be anything, including:

  • Understanding business strengths.

  • Understanding business weaknesses.

  • Figuring out whether or not customers will be interested in a new product line you are considering.

  • Figure out the kinks in your current product/service.

  • Ensure customers are happy in general with the services/products that you have on the table.

Launching a survey campaign without a goal is like trying to pitch with a blindfold on; you’re bound to miss your mark.

What Tool Are You Going To Leverage Your Survey On?1

Great, so now you know exactly what the point of your survey is – how are you going to create it?

You have a bunch of decisions to make here. You could either decide to create one from scratch with Susan the admin. Or you could swing a small investment into a professional survey company to create something slightly more…appealing for your customers.

I would personally recommend the latter!

Here are a couple of great tools that you can use.

Your Branding Is Going To Be Important

When sending out surveys, you want to make it apparent that it’s your business. Otherwise, chances are it’s just going to end up in the decaying ignore pile.

Which is why adding branding elements such as your company logo, and other critical information is pretty important.

Studies show that consumers also react better to surveys with a clear brand resemblance – which means you want to use your logo, the same colours, and any other elements that make your brand unique.


So, now that you have your goals in mind, your nifty brand-template is ready to roll.


We are missing something; the actual questions!

K.I.S.S It Goodbye!

Keep It Short And Sweet (K.I.S.S) is a principle that I live by. After all, chances are your consumers aren’t exactly going to have 20-minutes to spare on one template, unless they are die-hard fans of your brand.

It’s important to do some brainstorming with your end-goal in mind.

Think about relevant questions you can target in your survey to help you reach that goal.

For example, if you are trying to figure out kinks in your service – you may want to ask customers open-ended questions about where you can improve your service.

If you are trying to do pre-market penetration research on a new product/service you will be launching; you need to address the questions to target this.

How Many Questions Is To Many?1

The trick is getting all the information that you need in less than 10-questions.

You can do this either through multiple choice, ranking – or open-ended questions.

If you really want to get a clear understanding of your customers impression of your brand, I would strongly recommend leaving questions as open-ended. This gives your customers a surprising-factor.

It’s highly likely they will bring ideas or problems to the table that you would never have thought of…

On the other hand, closed-ended reviews such as multiple choice do help restrict “stupid” answers. Which unfortunately every batch of surveys get a couple of.

Make Sure You Deliver It With A Compelling Copy

Unless you are giving customers something for free – you’re asking a heck of a lot when you ask them to take their valuable time to fill out your survey.

That may sound blunt – but in life, nothing comes for free right?

The good news is that you’re bound to have a few loyal customers who will be willing to fill out the survey for you. But you need to deliver it with the “right hook” of copy to compel those who receive the survey to actually open it and fill it out.

Here is a great article that you can check out to help you write compelling copy to drive action.

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