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How To Make Your Home Look Cozy All Year

Many of you probably think of homes as being cozy when it comes to winter weather, a roaring fire in the fireplace, and maybe a nice plush rug or blanket. Your home can be that cozy all year, of course you may not want a roaring fire when it’s 80-some degrees outside. You don’t need a warm fire in order to relax and feel cozy at home though.

The Right Room Color

Blue is one of the most relaxing color choices out there and is highly recommended by color experts, new age fanatics, and home designers for rooms you want to relax in. That means that it is also a good choice of color for any room you want to feel cozy and relaxed in.

Cream colors and pale yellows also help with relaxation and allow for a more warm environment, without the fireplace blazing. Warm, pale yellow is reminiscent of the sunshine, which will make your home feel like summer the whole year long.

You don’t need to just paint your walls these colors, but also consider patterning your furniture around some of the more warm and cozy colors. If your walls are blue, try some pale yellow furniture, or accents.

Some Cozy Furniture

Being cozy in your own home is about more than just having the right colors in your home. It’s also about having the right decor and the right furniture. When it comes to feeling relaxed and cozy your furniture choices will make a big difference. You may prefer a recliner, or you may want a fancy chaise to lay back and relax in.

Your relaxation furniture could also include some nice bean bag chair, which are always comfy and easy to stow away in a corner. Or, it could include a big comfy oversized couch that you like to nap in. Make sure you throw some comfy pillows and a cozy fleece blanket in there as well.

Your Relaxation Space

Don’t just get the right color and comfy furniture though, you also want to get decor that relaxes you, candles with relaxing scents (like warm vanilla), and other items of relaxation. Add a cozy rug to the floor in front of the fireplace, and if you don’t have a fireplace you can get a fake one!

That may also include some music that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and even simply makes your heart feel warm! Music can soothe, invigorate, and do so many great things for you. Find ways to incorporate it into your daily life.

Once you’ve created your cozy space inside your home make sure you take advantage of it any time you are feel a little stressed or anxious. It will be your favorite space for alone time, or even to share with your family!

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