Improving Lives All Over The World

Many who reside in affluent countries desire that people around the world have the same opportunities as they do. Individuals possessing this viewpoint strongly believe that everyone, no matter their economic background, has the right to be able to reach their full potential.Sukanto Tanoto and many other entrepreneurs hold onto this philosophy and strive to establish a wide range of programs that will supply people with their basic needs and enable them to have a bright future.

Setting Up Health Care Programs

Now more than ever before, health care facilities are being built in the developing world, giving citizens access to high-quality health care. Vaccinations are provided, and antibiotics are distributed to cure ailments that had once been life threatening. Women have access to OBGYN care, facilitating successful pregnancies and lowering the infant mortality rate. Hospitals and surgery centers are also being created to diagnose and treat medical conditions and perform complicated surgical procedures. 

Providing Access to Clean Water

Many programs are making access to clean water a possibility in numerous countries. Because of the existence of such programs, people can cook, wash clothes and bathe in water without the fear of becoming ill. Plumbing is also being installed in homes and buildings to enable people to enjoy the convenience of having water right away.

Opening New Schools and Universities

Many foundations as well as individual people are participating in efforts to open new schools and universities so that citizens can receive a decent education and take advantage of future career opportunities. Educational institutions are also being created for women, so they can receive an education equal to their male counterparts. As more educational programs for women and girls emerge, nations around the world can look forward to seeing women in a variety of industries earning lucrative incomes and enjoying a decent quality of life. Educated women also have a lesser chance of remaining in abusive relationships because they will have more options to support themselves and their children.

Teaching Empowerment

Many empowerment programs are established around the world to help create the entrepreneurs and leaders of the future. These programs operate with the principle that successful people shape the communities in which they live, contributing to economic growth and independence. Leadership classes are held as well as training courses to provide future entrepreneurs with the tools to succeed. Some of the greatest businesses have been founded by graduates of these empowerment programs.

Providing Training in Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture ensures that the ground will remain fertile for a long time to come, producing food for generations. When people utilize such agricultural practices, they can ensure that they are able to provide enough food for their families and their communities. Classes are held to teach farmers how to implement these techniques.

As more of these types of programs are formed, impoverished individuals can look forward to receiving an upgrade in their quality of life. When these individuals achieve their full potential, they will be able to provide for themselves and their families and enjoy the luxuries of those in developed nations.

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