Insuring your iPad – Tips to snap the best deal on your insurance coverage

Tablet insurance plans aren’t very popular but they are certainly important things to consider when the value of your gadget is a lot. Accidental damage due to dropping it from your hand, water damage or theft, there are lots of mishaps that can happen with your iPad and going by the proverb, prevention is definitely better than cure, one would think that getting an insurance policy is always better than letting your phone go through the damage. Although tablet insurance policies have not gained enough momentum as of yet, but people are gradually getting aware of the benefits. For instance, corporate prefer getting their iPads insured for staying safe. Have a look at the tips to get the best iPad insurance for your tablet.

  • Research about the insurance carriers: Okay, so you must have heard about Apple products and their warranty protection AppleCare+ and you must also be aware of the fact that Best Buy offers insurance for all kinds of gadgets. Although the aforementioned options are the most popular ones, you should also know that there are many other players in the market. Some of such well-known companies are Square Trade, Protect Your Bubble, Worth Ave Group and many other. Also make sure that you can add your iPad to your current homeowner insurance policy.
  • Know which protection you need: Don’t be tempted by the price of an insurance policy as best price doesn’t mean best coverage. While there are policies that can protect you from device breakdown and accidental coverage, there are some others that offer theft, loss or natural disaster. Always watch out for those insurance policies that provide you at least 2 claims per contract.
  • Stay aware of the premium fees: There are some insurance companies that will ask you to pay a definite cost, which is known as premium to fix your iPad and some other companies won’t. If you can locate an insurer that promises to replace your iPad for free, you will become a winner. Most of them will charge you something around $50 and $75 to mend your tablet.
  • Determine the support that you will need: In case you’ve broken your iPad or broken it, it is most likely that you will want it to be resolved pretty soon. Some insurance companies are better than the others in providing prompt services, most notably Apple with AppleCare+. They offer up to 2 years of technical support over the phone and support on almost everything that you have to do after damaging your iPad.

iPad insurance usually covers accidental damage, theft, accidents caused due to fire or water, snow storm, tornadoes and hurricanes, any kind of natural disasters and even from cracked screens. Make sure you take into account the above mentioned information while getting your new iPad insured so that you’re able to get snap the best deal on coverage and warranty. Get help of an agent if you don’t think you can do things on your own.

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