James Haidak Where to Launch Your Music

My good friend James Haidak is one of the coolest musicians that I know and he has been hustling hard for the last 2 years to try and get recognized and get his music out there. Watching how he has gone about this has been really impressive and just last month all of that hard work came to fruition after he was signed up by a local label. The world of music is so competitive and you have to do all that you can to get your music out there. If you want to be an artist then here are some suggestions on getting your music heard by both the public, and the industry.


Streaming Sites


One of the reasons why music is so difficult to break into is because it is so easy to get your music into the public domain, which is also a very helpful tool to get your music out there. Sites such as Soundcloud and Spotify make it very easy for musicians to upload their music so that people can hear it, and this is where you should start. Anything which you do going forward should be backed up by this so that when people ask where they can hear you, you will be able to point to these websites.


Get Creative


When you are sending your music to record labels for them to listen to you have to get creative in terms of what music you are sending and how you are packaging it. The men and women who work as record execs receive huge amount so music every week which is why it is so important that you do your best to make sure that yours stands out. Send cassettes in a shoebox, put your music on wax and give them a vinyl or send them a gift with your music in it, whatever you have to do to get noticed.




Something which many young artists try to do is make money whilst trying to get their break, this is understandable but for the best chances of success you really need to forget about making money right now. Busking is a good example of this, if you are doing it to make money then this is wrong, you should be busking and using this opportunity to play to people and introduce them to your  music. A good busker can go viral very quickly which is why you have to make sure that you perform well and that you do something which makes you a little different from the rest. Get a good spot, make sure that your license is in order and then make sure that you take this opportunity to blow people away.


The key is to get your music into every place possible, give free gigs, busk, upload to social media and streaming sites and just keep on banging that drum until you get the deal that you have always dreamed of.

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