Joe Tacopina: Advice for Finding a Great New York Defense Attorney

Life throws difficult situations at us all the time, but some are easier to get ourselves out of than others. Depending upon the situation you are in, you might need a great criminlal defense attorney.

However mst of us have no idea about how to find a good one. But finding a good one is of the utmost importance because criminal defense attorneys are usually the last line of defense, oftentimes keeping clients from going to jail, paying heavy financial fines or both.

If this defines your current situation and you live or are looking at a case in New York, this article will give you some great pointers on how to search for the best criminal defense lawyer there.

Go Through the Proper Steps to Find the Right Attorney

Your search should partially be based on the type of crime you are charged with. Attorneys typically specialize in one or several areas of defense and you want to aim toward their strengths. However some lawyers like NY super attorney Joe Tacopina focus on a wide variety of cases including assault and battery, attempted murder, involuntary manslaughter, cybercrimes and sex crimes. You need to know what the attorney you are considering does and does not do well.

This means checking certain information about the attorney and using this info for your determinations. Here is a short list of a few things to consider:

The Lawyer’s Work Ethic

Mounting a criminal defense is tiring and complicated and demands that the attorney be fully committed. An attorney must be unrelenting in his desire to create a winnable defense for you. The charges against you are serious and can impede your ability to continue your livelihood or send you to prison, the energy dedicated to mounting a defense must surpass that of the other side.

So when you meet with the attorney try and judge whether he or she has the energy and drive to put the work in for your case. Ask questions about the amount of hours they spend and have them walk you through their process. This conversation will go a long way to telling you who you are dealing with. If you have any doubts about their commitment, it is the wrong attorney for you.

Experience and Track Record

Does the criminal defense attorney have the experience and successful track record in NY? Litigation is a tough business and not all attorneys are equal in their ability to win. Those that do win consistently understand how the law works and how to manipulate things for a successful outcome.

Their track record tells a lot about both their abilities and how they will likely do for you. Be sensitive regarding the age of the attorney and how long he or she has been practicing. Experience and wins are critical, particularly when you have so much on the line.

Finally, New York is a tough town, you need a tough NY attorney to take on your case, perhaps someone like Joe Tacopina.

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