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Maintenance Tips for Office Equipment

When the office copier breaks down, work comes to a screeching halt. Even the most responsive repair professionals take time to get to your location and fix the problem. Proper office equipment maintenance can help minimize these issues and keep your machine up and running.

1. Choose the Right Location

Make sure your office equipment is in a location that will cause minimal problems. Do not place your copier or printer next to a heater, for instance, and make sure that pathways are clear around it to eliminate problems from people bumping it. Also, make sure moving parts have room to move. - Maintenance Tips for Office Equipment

2. Use the Right Products

If the manufacturer recommends a particular paper or toner, stick with the recommendation. Chances are that some other product will impact the function of the copier or printer.

3. Clean the System Regularly

Your copier or printer needs to be cleaned regularly. Start with the glass surface of the copier. Spray a little glass cleaner onto a lint-free, nonabrasive cloth, then wipe it down. Next, open up the copier and wipe off any visible dust. Use a fine-haired paint brush to clean moving parts inside the machine. Dust everything you can see, but avoid using pressure, which can damage sensitive parts. Finally, wipe down the machine’s exterior.

4. Address Paper Jams Immediately

A paper jam is more than just an inconvenience. Paper jams can cause tiny tears in the paper, leaving behind dust and fiber that can create more problems down the road. Remove the paper jam quickly when it occurs, and dust any visible parts. Don’t blow into the machine, however, because this can add moisture to the machine which is damaging.

5. Invest in Surge Protection

Finally, make sure that the copier or printer is plugged into an outlet protected by a surge protector rated for at least 1200 joules. If the power surges or you experience problems from a burnout or lighting strike, your costly printer or copier will not be permanently damaged.

Maintaining office equipment is not difficult, but it does require some attention to detail. With a little bit of work each week, you can extend the life of your copier and minimize the calls for service.

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