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Maximizing the value of business travel

In the competitive world of business, travelling is a massive and potentially expensive part of it. During travel time, businessmen and women will often have to continue their work making phone calls, sending emails and typing up documents and spreadsheets.

Traditionally business tourism is split up into three categories, collectively known in the business world as MICE. Business travelling for meetings is the most common, business associates will meet at various locations to discuss various issues and strategies. Also roughly a third of all UK businesses will offer incentive trips to its employees, a perk of the job designed to motivate them to work more efficiently. Lastly, many businesses travel around the world for conference and exhibition purposes. Many popular and well known destinations for business conference include Geneva, New York and Paris and in 1994, there were up to 14,000 business conferences held worldwide.

Expensive ride

Predicting business travel patterns is never easy as there’s so much to consider based on various situations going on in the world. Political unrest, elections, economic conditions of certain countries and fuel costs are to name a few. This can all make travel very complicated as flight prices must go up in parallel with the economy, however businesses must decide how willing they are to travel in order to close a deal. Risk versus reward is a huge factor of any business and the price of travelling must always be taken into consideration. The Americans for example, tally up more than 400 million miles in business trips per year, meaning the average length is around 123 miles. A flight in business class can cost hundreds of pounds for this length of journey. Travelling just over 100 miles in a car is completely feasible and will cost a fraction of the price of a business class airline ticket. Many businessmen collect air miles too as they are frequent flyers but according to a recent article in the Business Traveller, 40% of people never collect them.

Airport Car Rental

If travelling by air is absolutely essential, many businessmen and women will probably want the convenience of car rental at a low cost. Car rental is available at near enough every major airport in the world and they all come with a variety of options to suit the needs of different people and their business. If the business is on a budget, some cars can be picked up for as little as £150 for a fortnights rental, the price then goes up for extras such as space or conveniences like air conditioning. Many business associates carry a lot of luggage with them and often a briefcase containing any work they will need while on their trip. All car rental places are prepared and equipped to deal with this and can usually offer advice on the best deal to go for. Discounts on airport car rental (auto a noleggio aeroporto) can be accumulated by booking online and group booking as well. Trying to save in as many places as possible from the cost of the airline ticket itself to the car rental upon landing will always lead to a more pleasant trip for the account holders.

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