Monthly Money Saving Tips With Bogoljub Karic

Let’s be honest we’d all like to get on top of our finances and restrict our monthly spends. In fact whilst many of us would love earn more in order to fix our financial situations, more often than not we can make huge changes if we change the way in which we spend our money. I was in this boat last year and I was lucky that my good friend Bogoljub Karic was on hand to give me some help in limiting my monthly spends. If you want to spend less, here are some tips for you.




We often considered our monthly bills as immovable but this doesn’t have to be the case, in fact we can often save a great amount by addressing these bills. Your rent or mortgage will be difficult to change but you can look at ways to save money on things like energy bills and broadband payments. Check out a comparison site to see if you can switch and save money each month.




Tracking your spending for a month or so is going to be massively important in reducing how much you spend, because in doing this you can understand where you are spending your money. There are loads of apps out there which will help you on this and you simply need to scan your receipt after a purchase. At the end of the month you can see a break down of what you have spent and where, giving you the focus you need when it comes to minimizing them.


Food Prep


For most people the biggest spends that they make each month is food, especially convenience food. In order to help you minimize how much money you spend on food it is vital that you begin to prepare your meals at home, this will be far more cost effective. Before you go to the grocery store make a list of what you will eat that week, and what ingredients you will need in order to do so. Once you have done the shopping get your meals prepped ahead of time and this will greatly reduce how much money you spend each day on that sandwich or salad.


Buying Bulk


When it comes to your supplies for the home such as laundry detergent and cleaning supplies, you can save a large amount of money if you go to somewhere such as Costco and buy in bulk. When you do this you will be spending significantly less per liter than if you buy small amounts, and this too can help you save some cash.




Instead of going out and spending money in a restaurant or a bar, why not invite your friends over to your place? This will save you and your friends loads of money and you can still have a great time with them.


There are always ways to trim your spending, keep an eye on it and take action to spend less.

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