No Leads? Dealer Chat Is The Solution

Sick of paying for outbound leads that don’t really lead anywhere except a quick hang-up? Tired of wasting your time putting together newsletters and sending emails that are bound to be ignored? In some states, it’s getting harder than ever to even cold call or email potential leads, while in Canada, new anti-spam legislation has come into effect that could change forever the way you follow up with your leads, especially with newsletters and emails.

If your dealership’s lead generation strategy is falling flat or getting harder to practice, it spells disaster for your business. Selling cars is simple – once you get people talking to you, visiting your showroom, and test driving your cars. Driving is a necessity for millions of people in North America, and more often than not, the key to closing a sale is as simple as having the right product for your customers. The trick is making sure they know the product, they know you, and they want a business relationship with your dealership. Lead nurturing is the best way to start that relationship and in a world where spam is out of control, widespread marketing campaigns aren’t nearly as effective as targeted, in-depth one-on-one relationships.

Your marketing campaign, whether it’s through Google AdWords, YouTube marketing, or traditional TV and radio spots, drives traffic to your website, where people are going to research the cars you sell and your prices. Once you’ve attracted them, it’s time to convert them into inbound leads. There is no better way to make that happen than with 24/7 dealer chat.

Dealer chat is how you transform your website from a passive list of inventory and promotions to an active lead nurturing asset. Here’s how dealer chat can help you through each of the stages of generating and closing an inbound lead:

Qualify and Convert – Live dealer chat, supported 24/7 by trained chat operators, helps you qualify and convert. It helps you capture lead information for further follow ups and gives you insight into their price range, credit score, and requirements. Dealer chats such as Gubagoo also come with behavioral intelligence systems that track their clicks on your website, giving you insight into the types of products they want, without having to ask.


Close – Once you’ve captured their lead information, the next step is to close. As a car dealer, the test drive is your best opportunity to close. Bring them into the dealership with value-added content, such as product videos, reviews, and recommendations for cars that fit their need. Check out more information about how dealer chat helps you turn leads into customers at, a valuable resource that also explains features like behavioral intelligence and apps that help your sales team get involved.

Follow Up – Most dealerships depend on repeat business to really thrive and that means nurturing leads even after the sale. One of the advantages of Gubagoo ChatSmart is that it integrates with both SMS and Facebook Messenger, giving you new avenues of communication. Keep your customers informed about service promotions and maintenance tips via SMS, or answer their questions about oil changes, tire changes, and tune ups with instant answers via dealer chat.

Dealer chat is a powerful tool for lead generation and if you’re not already using it, you’re missing out.

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