Nursing in the NHS

Nursing is undoubtedly one of the most intense jobs available in the employment market. It tests every area of a person’s abilities, whether it is their communication and social skills, or their academic knowledge. But what is a nursing career in the NHS really like? And is it for you? Today we discuss the wide range of specialist nurses and the different routes into nursing, as well as the advantages of working within the largest health care system in the world.

There are many different type of nursing positions available for you to research and explore, with the variety ranging from mental health jobs, to children and adult nursing employment. Choosing the right nursing career for you will most likely take time sand consideration, but more crucially, work experience. As all nursing careers require an education of degree level or higher, you will most probably have received work placement as part of your university training. Utilising these connections and expanding your network will undeniably benefit your career in the NHS.

Of course, your ability to communicate must be excellent; you are dealing with a range of patients, all with varying levels of ability when it comes to expressing their problems- like young children for example. Whilst there is a level of compassion and empathy needed in terms of giving the patients emotional support, you must maintain professional scepticism with regards to complex situations. Nurses should also have a high level of confidence in their previous studies and current knowledge of medical issues, whilst appreciating the importance of attention to detail.

After discovering which career path you would like to take in nursing and establishing if you fit the role of a practicing nurse, it is time to apply! Following the usual format for job applications, CV’s and other important documents are essential. Preparing for any interviews you may be required to attend is imperative too. You can do this by asking those around you to help practice for the interview by asking questions in a formal style, or by asking them for advice and tips.

When it comes to working in one of the largest health care systems globally, the NHS shows commitment to its employees through different benefits. Those with young children will find on-site nurseries in hospitals up and down the country, meaning the balance between work life and sustaining a family is left undisturbed. The NHS also offers support for their staff in regard to a good pension scheme, and assistance for those hoping to get onto the housing ladder. Ultimately, the NHS understands the pressures their workers and personnel face, and hope to ease their discomfort by offering help at any point!

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