Overwhelmed With Pigeons? A Humane Bird Control Company Has Your Back

Toronto has a pigeon problem. The tall buildings in which to roost, the busy streets, and the garbage that collects in them create the perfect conditions for these avian creatures. There’s food, water, and everything else they need to multiply – and multiply they do. Anyone walking down the street or taking the TTC will see evidence of their presence. Pigeons have left their mark on every street in the city and sometime even on unlucky pedestrians.

Pigeon poop is not an attractive feature to have on the side of a building. Windowsills, rooftops, and electrical boxes give the air of neglect and ruin to any business that sports these badges of dishonour. Likewise, nests in the nooks and crannies of popular businesses look unpleasant, causing customers to second guess entering. Toronto’s business market is competitive enough; you don’t need to add to your difficulties by ignoring the state of your business’ façade.

If you’re one of many business owners who has this problem, don’t despair. In order to keep pigeons away from your building, invest in humane pigeon management solutions. Killing pigeons is a cruel and ineffective way to tackle the problem. Poisoning the pigeons currently calling your business home will only remove those specific pigeons and leave your building at risk for another infestation. It’s like you just put a ‘for sale’ sign in the window for new pigeons to make roost.

Humane solutions, on the other hand, tackle the root cause without harming the pigeons. A good Toronto pigeon removal company will design customized solutions for your particular building, installing site-specific bird spikes, netting, or gentle electrical tracks to deter pigeons from landing on your building.

An experienced and successful company in Toronto bird management is Pigeon Busters. Their skilled engineers tailor every solution to your unique building and infestation so that they can guarantee a permanent solution.  Safe and unharmed, the pigeons will realize that your building isn’t a viable nesting location and will move to a more suitable area. You won’t have to unnecessarily kill a harmless population, and you’ll have a permanent solution for nestingso that you never have to worry about pigeons again. So go onto to see how you can speak with one of their experts today. With humane bird management products installed, your building will look better than ever. Clear of unattractive nests and bird droppings, customers will think nothing of walking through your doors.



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