Build a Better Business: Go Green

It seems that the world is green-mad at the moment, but there are more than just conscientious benefits when you choose to make your business more environmentally friendly. One of the major drives in the green movement is to use less energy, and as you’re almost certainly paying for every kWh you use, it makes sense to try and cut back where you can. Stand anywhere in the office and look around – there’s almost certainly something you can change to be more green. Equipment – Even if you’ve Read more [...]

Quick and Affordable Home Overhauls

As summer approaches, you may be looking for a way to reinvent your home and create a new look, but one crucial thing may be stopping you - a lack of funds. Fortunately, you do not need to spend a fortune on redecoration if you focus on the big picture. The home always has room for improvement, but prioritising the details first can go a long way towards achieving a fresh appearance. Believe it or not, you can still make a difference to your home’s interior without tearing a wall down. Focus Read more [...]

Smart Data for Smart Phones

Most industry analysts agree that by the end of 2014 more people will access the internet via mobile devices than ever before in the history of the internet i.e. through devices such as smartphones and tablets, than they will via desktop PCs and laptops. Whereas mobile devices are being designed and built for just this very purpose, users may often find they are being held back by having inadequate internet availability from their mobile broadband supplier. You would have thought that after some Read more [...]

What Is Toner? | The Difference Between Printer Toner & Ink

We have all had that phone call at the office or at our home. “Hello there Sir, would you be interested in saving money today? We have some great savings to be made on your ink and toner supplies!” Usually followed by an assault of information about office supply subscriptions where you try tell them you are not interested but fail…miserably and end up on the phone for another 10 minutes. If you have always used an inkjet printer, you may have been thinking (like many others), well what is Read more [...]
go green

Simple Steps on How to Make Your Small Business Green

You do not have to make major changes to help your small business go green, there are quite a few things that are very easy to implement yet can really help you change your impact on the environment. Alongside reducing your impact on the environment, you may help your business save money. Simple Steps to Go Green. Reduce Power Consumption – Technology and business internet are a large part of many occupations nowadays, but by simply unplugging equipment at the end of the day, you can save up Read more [...]

Living it Large in Las Vegas’ Five Star Hotels

Living it Large in Las Vegas’ Five Star Hotels Have you ever gone on holiday where you’ve felt like a VIP from the moment your plane touches down on foreign tarmac? You may have had enjoyable holidays in the past, and you may have even stayed in five star hotels in some of the world’s most famous cities. However if you haven’t been to Las Vegas yet, you might like to add it to your “places to visit” list. There is nowhere else quite like Las Vegas; but you can have your own piece of Read more [...]

Jobs That Take You Places

While for most people a desk job and a few days vacation a year are par for the course, others view this kind of arrangement with horror. Call it wanderlust, call it ADHD, call it the call of adventure, call it what you will, but for these people sitting still at a desk for the majority of their lives simply won't do. If you happen to be one of those people, there are a good number of alternatives to vagrancy, and here are some of them: Teach a Language Native English speakers who want to travel Read more [...]

Why It’s Cost Effective for Businesses to Have a Virtual Office

There has been a strong drive toward telecommuting in recent years, with more and more companies, consultants and service providers choosing to operate a significant portion of their business activities remotely. Doing can save a company tremendous amounts of money, in terms of office space expenses, administrative costs and travel expenses. And, truth be told, the benefits of telecommuting go beyond bottom-line considerations. The ability to carry out even a portion of their daily tasks and assignments Read more [...]

Can I Be Made Redundant For Bad Performance At Work?

Bad performance at work is never a good thing. If you are struggling to keep up with deadlines or just to do the job, then you should discuss it with someone. You may be worried that it will mean that you get made redundant. However, it does not work like this. Redundancy is not a personal thing. It is when a particular role in a company is no longer needed and therefore the person in that role is made redundant. It should not be the person that is considered, when making a decision about redundancy, Read more [...]

Maximizing the value of business travel

In the competitive world of business, travelling is a massive and potentially expensive part of it. During travel time, businessmen and women will often have to continue their work making phone calls, sending emails and typing up documents and spreadsheets. Traditionally business tourism is split up into three categories, collectively known in the business world as MICE. Business travelling for meetings is the most common, business associates will meet at various locations to discuss various issues Read more [...]