Taking Care of your Holiday Money

Money is often a sore subject for many people – worrying about paying the bills, affording little treats and saving for the future can stress you out no end. When we are fortunate enough to be able to head abroad for a well-deserved holiday, the last thing that we want to worry about is our hard-earned cash. Whether it’s where the spending money is coming from, or how to ensure that it stays safe and secure, money can carry a lot of stress with it. Luckily, with a few sensible decisions, your Read more [...]

How to Install a New Front Door

The front of your property is the first thing people will see when they walk by or pop round for a visit. It’s therefore imperative that your property looks nice on the outside, so as to make the best first impression. One of the first things people will see is the state of your front door. After all, it’s the gateway to your home and one of the easiest things to personalise with regards to your property’s exterior. Because of this, many people choose to personalise their front door by changing Read more [...]

Five Jobs at a Hospital that You Want to Have

Even in the depths of the recent recession, there was one field where employment opportunities just kept growing. That, of course, was the medical field. And now, as the economy recovers, the medical field's employment opportunities are expanding even faster. There is a constant need especially for trained and competent nurses, and the job of a nurse can be not only a satisfying, rewarding challenge, but it can also be a great income with solid benefits. There's a catch, though: while medicine offers Read more [...]

Tips for Maintaining the Perfect Home Aquarium

So you’ve installed a new home aquarium. What now? Well, if you’re intent on keeping your aquarium looking fresh and your fish looking happy, now’s the time to immediately embark on a careful maintenance program. Don’t worry – this isn’t as hard as it sounds. Most of these methods can be set up to be self-regulating, and simply require regular monitoring to keep your tank ticking over. Temperature Control Specific types of fish and plants require specific temperatures in order to be Read more [...]

Acquiring Independence as a Disabled Person

Independence is something that most of us take for granted. This is because it’s so ingrained into the lives of able-bodied people, it’s the sort of thing we rarely appreciate until it’s gone. For people living with disability though, independence is everything. For them, being able to access the resources and information required to achieve and maintain independence can often feel like an uphill struggle. Access to Information Perhaps the most important concern for disabled individuals is Read more [...]

Best Holiday Reads for Summer 2014

You’ve packed everything you need and there’s one book-shaped hole in your suitcase...but what to go for? Here a four of this year’s best summer reads: A Girl is a Half-formed Thing by Eimear McBride Recently awarded the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction, A Girl is a Half-formed Thing is the debut novel by Eimear McBride and one that she’s been fighting to get published for nigh on a decade. Among a host of glowing reviews, the work has drawn comparisons to Joyce and Beckett for its experimentalism, Read more [...]

Unusual Business Ideas for Unique Individuals

When starting a small business it’s important to stand out from the crowd. After all, in this global economy of oversaturated markets and intrepid entrepreneurs, it takes a lot to get noticed. Some business owners make their companies stand out by using interesting marketing techniques, such as flash mobs, viral content, celebrity endorsements or charity sponsorship. Others stand out by becoming thought leaders and experts in their field. Others, however, choose to stand out in a different way, Read more [...]

Jimmy, Steven, Seth: Who Will Be King of Late Night?

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has quickly become the late night program to beat. Yet this success could be only momentary. Fallon will face some stiff competition in 2015 when Stephen Colbert will take over for David Letterman. Not to be discounted is NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers which has also earned solid ratings.  Fallon's Tonight Show has aired on NBC since February 17, 2014. His debut episode scored 11.3 million watchers in the U.S with a 3.8 rating for adults in the coveted Read more [...]

How Mobile Apps are Changing Real-Time Communication for SMBs

Today's mobile apps have altered the communication landscape not just for individuals but also for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These applications empower employees, employers and consumers to communicate in a moment's notice. Apps allow each of these three parties to connect with each another, not only through their voices but also through video and P2P file sharing. Mobile access also helps executives stay on top of vital marketing information at any given moment. Can you imagine Read more [...]

Build a Better Business: Go Green

It seems that the world is green-mad at the moment, but there are more than just conscientious benefits when you choose to make your business more environmentally friendly. One of the major drives in the green movement is to use less energy, and as you’re almost certainly paying for every kWh you use, it makes sense to try and cut back where you can. Stand anywhere in the office and look around – there’s almost certainly something you can change to be more green. Equipment – Even if you’ve Read more [...]