Party games to try at your next BBQ party

Next time you’re planning a bit of a BBQ bash, why not consider adding some more fun to the mix by staging a few after dinner games with your guests? It can help make your BBQ stand out as different to all the rest and is also a good way for guests who might not know each other to spend a bit of time together and maybe even form new connections.

BBQ Olympics

Maybe best for before people eat if they’re going to exert themselves, if your garden is big enough it shouldn’t be too tricky to set up some exciting sporty events. Think egg and spoon races, sack races and three-legged races – all the fun that is usually associated with the school sports day. Maybe you could even have BBQ related prizes for the winners, like a prime cut in place of the gold medal? If there are enough people and space, maybe even a mini game of football could be on the cards?

BBQ quiz

A quiz can be a great way for people to show off their knowledge and have a bit of a chat about the topics that come up. Think of your BBQ quiz a bit like a pub quiz, but don’t ask too many questions or your guests could become a little bored!

About 20 is probably a good bet, divided into different categories. As well as current affairs (a good way to reward those guests who might not have a wide knowledge of things like history, geography etc) pick two categories that you think people coming to your party will enjoy answering questions on – are they foodies? Entertainment buffs?. Then, if you like, you could do a custom category about things that relate directly to your guests! For example ‘how many burger buns did I buy for this BBQ?’


Not everyone is up for performing in front of people – and that’s something that it’s wise to keep in mind if you’re thinking of introducing charades to proceedings. However, you should reassure your guests that they can just do the guessing and not the performing if they fancy. Coming up with all the books, films, television shows and the rest for people to act out ahead of time might rule you out of the game, so have your guests all contribute some clues to a bowl and then people can pick one at random each time it’s their turn to perform.

Musical statues or bumps

Yes, they may be more closely associated with children’s parties, but these games can also be fun for a bit of a return to your childhood in your later years. Some outdoor speakers might come in handy here, so you can play a spot of music outside for the game.

Whatever games you decide to have at your party, make sure they are a safe distance from the BBQ itself. And if you fancy treating yourself to a fresh grill before the big day, why not pick one of the great ones from Weber available here

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