Play better in online casinos or land-based?

Online casino in Canada almost immediately after its appearance began to constitute a real and very serious competition for land-based gaming establishments. If you have to choose which casino to play, let’s consider the most significant advantages and disadvantages of online and offline rums.


Of course, no virtual casino is able to convey the atmosphere of a real luxury gambling establishment. All the attributes of such a house: tables with green cloth, croupier in uniform, burning lights slots, helpful waiters generate something subtle and unique. And the online room, unfortunately, can not offer this at the moment.

There are, however, a couple of virtual establishments that on the main page imitate the casino, but it’s still clear that this is just a picture! It is likely that in the future, the achievements of programmers will allow to transmit the atmosphere of a real casino, because there is already a format 9D for movies. Well, let’s wait for the moment when, sitting at home with a helmet on his head, we can watch the flight of cards, feel the pleasure of a wooden board and suck martinis from a straw!


But in terms of convenience – at online casinos it is certainly more comfortable to play. Go to the site of the virtual institution can be at home, and in the minibus, and at work, and on a bench in the park! With such entertainment queue in the clinic will not seem murderously long, and lonely autumn evenings – so unbearably long.

And, of course, little can compare in comfort with the home cozy sofa or set up all sorts of delicious computer table. To crack open the doors of online casinos, you do not need to wear a tuxedo with a butterfly or an evening dress with diamonds. Again, no one here forbids smoking or emotionally, but it’s a little foul to express your attitude towards losing! And if the online casino will leave you without pants, no one will see your face.


In a real casino no one will let you play without money. This is understandable, because other visitors came with a cache, so you can only watch them play, if you have a draught in your pocket. Look, learn the rules and behavior – you will put later! But if you come to a land-based casino with money without being aware of the game, you can pay too much for your curiosity.

In online casino for free can anyone – play for virtual money, learn the rules, strategies, practice. If everything suits you, bet real money. If you realized that the casino – this is not your entertainment, no one will be offended or complain.


Knowing the rules, tactics and strategy of each game is a vital necessity. In any online casino or poker room there are sections for beginners, which describe in detail all the games presented on the site. That is, you can play for free at online casinos and learn at the same time. If you still do not understand something, you can always contact customer service, or find an answer in the FAQ section.


The function of refund of a certain percentage of money you spend on bets is only in virtual roubles. Since they are now divorced apparently invisibly, there is competition between sites. And in war, as they say, all means are good – rakeback and other bonuses casino attract new customers.

But the story with the land casino is different. To keep such an institution afloat together with a huge staff of service and equipment costs, it makes rather low percentage of return on automatic machines – around 70-80%. It’s not hard to calculate that at least a fifth of the bets you made will not be returned.


All online casinos offer their customers a variety of bonuses, as long as they put money in the account and did not go to a competitor. It is worth studying the bonus programs of each institution and choose what suits you. Maybe you’ll want to get a cash gift or tickets to the Maldives – you can find anything you want in the offers of online casinos.

Land-based casinos also often exhibit beautiful prizes – cars, jewelry or something quite exotic, such as a night with a stripper (yes, and so it was!). If you win, you get your bonus here and now. Are you thinking about it? No one is stopping you from going to Las Vegas, Monaco or Macau right now!


The ratio of bets that customers placed in online and land casinos in 2014 looks like 1 to 4. In live gambling houses, players bet more than 4 times. This is understandable, because we have already found out that you can play online for free, and on microlimits. But to imagine that a certain gentleman will throw 1 cent for a real poker table is a bit difficult! Yes, and to get to the casino, you already need to put a fair amount of money – on the road, for the entrance, for tips, etc.

The same statistics can be viewed from a different angle – if you lost $1 online, it means that at the same time someone has already lost $4 in a live casino!


Attending a luxury casino is a prestige, style and lifestyle. As long as there are gentlemen a la Bond James Bond and the ladies of the hemisphere hanging on them, the Royals will not close! Yes, and the tycoons of the terrestrial gambling business are investing a lot of money in the fight against their online competitors. One Sheldon Adelson, who bought up half the state senators, which is worth it!

More democratic gambling establishments are visited for the first time mainly because of interest. And then they go there, sowing on the atmosphere of mass excitement, which does not seem so crazy in the company.

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