Protecting Your Staff: Why Safety is Important in Big Businesses

All businesses have an obligation to keep their workplace safe. When you own a large business it is particularly important to ensure you have adequate health and safety rules in place. As a large company you need to show responsibility to the people you employ, as well as to your customers. If you don’t you could find yourself faced with high legal costs and a severe dent in your reputation. There are many things you can do to improve the workplace including the next best action by NICE Systems.

Help with consumer interactions

When you think about staff safety, you typically think about physical dangers in the workplace. However, it can also relate to how they interact with customers. Providing they follow set rules in accordance with data protection and handling difficult clients will help to ensure no mistakes are made. The real time guidance and automation by NICE systems is an excellent tool that ensures your staff are providing the services your customers want and need and will turn Insights into next best action RecommendationsIt makes the transaction a lot easier and enables staff to easily ask for regulation permission if they need to.

According to the Pharmaceutical Journal, 1 in 5 workers are abused or attacked by members of the public each year. This includes being threatened, assaulted and abused. Having appropriate security will help to diminish some of the risk, but it is also important to ensure your staff are trained to diffuse potential violent interactions with customers.

Boost your business with health and safety laws

If you are sure to protect your staff, they will be more inclined to ensure they look after the businesses interests. The BBC claims this can really boost business. There are many benefits that come from taking care of your staff. These include boosting productivity and staff motivation, reducing insurance premiums and reducing the amount of days that are taken off due to accident and illness.

It is extremely important to be familiar with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The only time a business doesn’t have to follow these guidelines is if the measures to protect staff and customers is technically impossible. It could also be that the costs of adding safety measures could be really disproportionate to the risk that is presented.

It is your job as an employer to ensure all staff are safe and protected while working on your business premises. It is a good idea to go around the premises and see whether any changes need to be made. Talk with staff from different departments to see what changes they feel should be made. After all, they are the ones doing the job so they will have a much better idea of how safe they currently are and what should be improved.

Overall keeping your staff safe when you run a large business isn’t easy. However it is vital that you take the time to see what needs to be changed. Keeping them safe will encourage your staff to work harder for the business, bringing in numerous benefits.   

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