Quick Tips for Choosing Wakeboard Towers

When the weather warms up and water enthusiasts head out to the closest body of water, they may be gearing up for a number of different activities. From skiing to wakeboarding, speeding across the water to a peaceful date on the water, these enthusiasts probably realize the value of wakeboard towers.

While the towers are generally intended to provide height and freedom of movement for riders behind the boat, there are a number of reasons why other boaters would want the towers. This includes the chance to install lights or waterproof speakers. The tower is also a great place to stow equipment or to provide a handhold in stormy weather. For all of these reasons, boaters may decide to install a tower on a boat that does not already have one. Here are a few tips for installation:

  1. Take Careful Measurements

Some towers, like the Roswell classic 51 for example, are appropriate for a specific size of boat (in this example, boats that are 72 inches to 108 inches wide.) Other towers can accommodate a broader range of boat sizes handle boat sizes from 59 inches to 120 inches. The width of the boat isn’t the only measurement to consider. Taller boat owners may want to check out the height of the tower once it is installed. The Big Air Ice Wakeboard Tower can reach 62”- 130” in width when installed on the right boat. It is only 5 feet on its own, however, so this measurement is important to consider.

Another important measurement to take is that of the folded tower. Many towers can collapse conveniently for storage. Some can collapse lower than the windshield height. Boat owners may want to keep storage in mind as they choose a tower.

  1. Know When to Ask for Help During Installation

Many towers are quick and easy to install. For example, Big Air’s Fusion tower comes with stealth mounts and can usually be installed in under an hour. In some cases, though, if the boat owner wants to be sure that there is room for a bimini or to run wiring through the tower, then it may be a good idea to have the dealer install the tower. A great installation will also ensure that the tower is secure and won’t rattle or moan when the boat hits rough waters.

These basic tips can prevent a lot of problems when boat owners decide to add wakeboard towers to their vessels. With a broad range of towers from which to choose, there really is no reason to be unsatisfied with a tower. With a little bit of advance research, the boat owner/water enthusiast can choose the tower that will provide years’ of water enjoyment.

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