Richard Radcliff Trice – 5 Cool Things to do in Alabama

Alabama was somewhere which I never really considered as being much of a cool state to spend some time in but how I was surprised by the Yellowhammer State when I visited last year. I was actually invited by my buddy Richard Radcliff Trice who has a vacation home up there and we spent the most amazing week taking in the state’s coolest attractions. If you are on a road trip or looking for somewhere new to go this year, Alabama makes for a great destination, and here is what to do when you get there.


Art Scene on the Gulf Coast


The Gulf Coast is the best place to go and relax on the beach and lap up the sunshine but there is a growing art scene here which you are going to love. Across the coast there are antique shops, folk art museums and even a fine art gallery. We even found a small workshop where they blow their own glass, made from the sand of the beach right in front of them. If you love art then head down to Orange Beach and take a look at the cool art scene which is happening there.


FAME Recording Studios


The Muscle Shoals sound which this state coined in the early 1960s was driven by this amazing recording studio where greats like Wilson Picket, Otis Redding and Etta James laid down some iconic tracks. You ca take a tour of this recording studio and walk in the footsteps of these great recording artists and musical icons.


Hit The Canyons


Up in the Dismals Canyon conservatory in the north west of the state you can have one of the most fascinating areas in the state. Here in the canyons there are these tiny bioluminescent glowworms called Dismalites, which light up the pathways around the canyon once the sun sets, a really cool way to spend your evening.


Visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center


This is the place where the rockets that took Apollo astronauts to the moon were built and whilst they no longer produce rockets here, they have turned this place into a real cool museum which is well worth visiting. This is not just any museum of course, this is the largest spaceflight museum in the world!


Visit the Moundville Archeological Park


This really interesting piece of land was occupied from AD 1000 ti AD 1450 by a civilization who loved on the Black Water River. This place was a sacred place in Mississippian culture and you can visit the land and watch some reenactments of what life was life back then, as well as visiting many outdoor exhibitions which feature artifacts and information about this ancient civilization.


These are my top 5 things to do but there is so much beyond this which you can do and see in Alabama, a state which may just surprise you as it did me.

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