SMBs and the benefits of third party PBX hosting

Smaller businesses often find it hard to justify making investments in complex telecoms hardware and infrastructures. With the availability of external PBX hosting services and virtualised infrastructural elements, SMBs are enjoying better access to high end services. Here is how.

Small Business Pressures

SMBs face a unique set of problems that will generally not crop up for larger companies with greater resources at their command.

If a firm is particularly tiny, or just getting started, then it may be difficult or impossible to find enough elasticity in the budget to spend money on certain assets that could be useful in stimulating growth. Emerging start-ups and ambitious local enterprises will still need access to telecoms solutions that meet their ever-increasing requirements, which is why a hosted PBX can be a good fit.

By outsourcing the management of a PBX to a third party, companies can avoid many of the problems that might have prevented them adopting this type of hardware in-house, while still enjoying all of the capabilities of a high end system.
Cloud Power and Flexibility

Perhaps the most important benefit of choosing a PBX service that is operated by a provider rather than handled on-site is that a business will not be limited by the physical properties of a particular set of exchange hardware.

If you need to add more extensions or increase capacity, this is simple to achieve, as providers have all of this on tap.

Telecoms Management

On a practical basis, PBX hosting will give you the ability to monitor and control calls so that they can be forwarded, routed and generally tackled efficiently and effectively throughout the day.

You can add multiple business numbers that are not linked to a specific geographic location, allowing you to change sites or even forward calls to more than one location without having to rely on a confusing, constantly changing array of contact details.

Hosted services can also be used to forward calls based on the time of day, which is very useful if your small company relies on its employees being accessible at all times to help it get off the ground, even if they are away from the office and out in the field or at home.


The idea of handing over responsibility for the management of a PBX to an external company might not sit well with some managers, but the reality is that you can expect a greater deal of consistency and continuity with this type of solution.

A PBX hosting provider will have uptime as a key concern and will carry out all of the maintenance and fault correction procedures that would otherwise fall within the remit of individual companies, many of which would not have the available talent to get the job done.

Ultimately, it should be clear that there are certain benefits that SMBs can achieve, thanks to PBX hosting that make this type of technology highly desirable. From better levels of scalability and advanced management tools based in software to the lower chance of outages and smaller costs, deciding to adopt might be simple.


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