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Some Of The Coolest Ways You Can Use Solar Power

How many times have you driven down the road and seen a yard full of solar panels, or at least a house with a few of them on the roof? It’s probably something you see a lot more now than you did a decade or two ago. Homes and businesses aren’t the only places where you may be seeing the power of the sun being put to use these days though.

In fact, you might pass some solar power at the local park, while you are walking through a small tourist town, on your own gadgets, and more. Here are just a few of the cool ways that solar power has found its way into our daily lives.

Charging Your Gadgets

Probably one of the coolest things that some people may or may not have witnessed when it comes to solar power chargers is the solar charging stations that are popping up all over the place, even in the smallest tourist towns. You don’t need to find a station to power up at though, if you’re carrying your own solar power.

You can carry personal solar panels, you can buy mini-solar chargers, and there are even backpacks that charge phones and tablets using the power of the sun. Who needs to plug into a wall when the sun can make your gadgets work? Well, you’ll still want to charge at night if you’ve drained your sun-charged battery.

Some Of The Coolest Gadgets

There are more ways to get a charge than to plug into something else. There are many solar charged items out there that comes with their own panels already attached. Even welders can find welding helmets that power up with the power of the sun.

You can also find bike locks that are solar powered, yard lights that charge in the sun, and even a gadget that turns the sun into your own personal writing device. Take some time to investigate sun powered gadgets and you may be amazed at the things you find!

DIY Your Own Solar Power

Want to harness the power of the sun on your own, and not have to invest in a bunch of pricey gadgets? If you have some solar panels you can look up DIY projects that will help you convert gadgets and appliances into solar powered creations, even your push lawn mower could be solar powered.

If you are a crafty and ingenuity driven person it’s likely you can find many ways to harness the sun, and simply buying some cheap solar powered lights and converting them into your own creations can save you some money and make your gadgets more green and alternative.

Solar energy is one of the best renewable energy sources, so why not add some of this green energy to your own home!

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