What To Know About Speculating in ICOs

When you’re facing interest rates on savings that are still incredibly low, you’re likely looking for unique, high-return investment opportunities. One possible option for the modern investor is initial coin offerings or ICOs. When you speculate in ICOs, you’re taking a big risk, but you’re also becoming part of the cryptocurrency world, which exploded in 2017. ICOs are a fundraising opportunity that let investors become part of projects and companies early on, and potentially see big returns, Read more […]

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Home And Housing

Build The Ultimate Rec Room This Fall

As fall looms in the near future, thoughts turn to those areas in the house where, protected from the cold, the family will increasingly be counting time through the harsh winter months. Although this sounds gloomy, a rec room can become a great place of entertainment and comfort, and for the ultimate rec room, real solid wood furniture is the only addition that will do. When entertaining friends, your furniture should make a statement about you, and having a few “signature” artisan craftedpieces, Read more […]

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