Uber Isn’t Just Uber—Five Uber Services You May Not Know About

When Uber hit the scene, it was touted for its ease of use. Today, it’s still easy to use! Simply open the app, request a ride, and one will be on the way within minutes. Having been founded all the way back in 2009, you can’t expect them not to have expanded their service offerings after experiencing so much success. However, most people don’t realize just how many specialized services they offer. Here are five you may not know about. UberBlack UberBlack is Uber’s most elite service. Read more [...]

No Leads? Dealer Chat Is The Solution

Sick of paying for outbound leads that don’t really lead anywhere except a quick hang-up? Tired of wasting your time putting together newsletters and sending emails that are bound to be ignored? In some states, it’s getting harder than ever to even cold call or email potential leads, while in Canada, new anti-spam legislation has come into effect that could change forever the way you follow up with your leads, especially with newsletters and emails. If your dealership’s lead generation strategy Read more [...]

Trends Driving Metrology In 2017

Industry in North America and the developed world is changing and industrial metrology is changing with it. As companies move toward more efficient, more automated shops, they need quality assurance technology that can keep pace, cut down waste, and reduce inspection times. The trends driving industrial metrology in 2017 all aim to achieve these ends, and they include shop-floor machines, non-contact measurements, and more advanced software. Higher demand for shop-floor inspection has been driving Read more [...]
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Tips in Making a Good Investment in Auto Insurance

Owning a car entails both pleasure and responsibility. It gives convenience in accomplishing daily routine, such as family visits, shopping and commuting. However, there are several possible risks associated with owning a car. This includes vandalism, theft and accident. It is for the latter reasons that you need to protect your car by getting an auto insurance. Car insurance is also compulsory as it is required by government law. Finding auto insurance is a lot easier nowadays because there are Read more [...]

Four Ways To Stay Healthy On The Road

If you spend a lot of time on the road you may find that your health falters if you don’t take special care to stay healthy while you travel. It can be really easy to pull into fast food joints, drive when you can barely keep your eyes open, and not stop and walk every once in a while. If you spend too many hours behind the wheel you might notice that you do more than get a little sleepy. Sometimes your legs cramp up, sometimes you get back pains. That’s why it can help to stop and walk around Read more [...]

Bank Holiday Ideas for the Family

We all know that every weekend should be three days long so it makes sense to make the most of Bank Holiday weekends when they come along. The next one we get to enjoy is the weekend of Saturday 29th August. This is also the point after which summer inevitably starts to turn to autumn which gives you added incentive to make the most of the three days with your family. Whether you want to treat them to a lovely break, enjoy yourselves around the house and save money or try something completely new, Read more [...]

Tips for Planning the Most Relaxing Spa Getaway When Travelling

If you are feeling a little stressed out and overwhelmed with life in general, a spa weekend is the perfect way to relieve stress and help you feel centred and balanced again. You will be able to sit back and enjoy as you are pampered by the finest treatments, making you feel beautiful and completely relaxed. When you are planning your spa getaway, you don’t want arranging the trip and getting there and back to be stressful – as that would negate the purpose of the spa experience! In order Read more [...]
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Key points of effective project management

Project management is a fundamental skill that is required for the effective execution of a range of roles in the modern workplace. The ability to do so is critical to successful delivery in most sectors, and employers are increasingly looking for people who can demonstrate expertise in this area. Project management techniques Here are some hints and tips for how to manage projects to deadlines in the most efficient way: Define the outcome. Successful project managers start with the end in Read more [...]
number of vehicles in operation around the world today reach one billion units

The Best Vehicles for a Round the World Trip

It doesn’t take a car expert to realise that your typical family hatchback would struggle to cope with the range of terrain and elements the Earth can muster up; but, if you are intending on taking a round the world trip that involves driving, what conditions does your vehicle need to survive and what are the best motors for tackling them? The Makings of an Effective Vehicle Copes in all weathers – rain, snow or sun it needs to be able to drive in any of the conditions that might befall Read more [...]
chaninging weather

How changing weather can harm your vehicle

Keen travellers are preparing for summer trips, but having seen one of the wettest winters on record and with the hottest summer coming up, they ought to take a look over their vehicles and see what damage the changing weather has caused. The flooding that devastated the south is one of the most noteworthy hurdles that drivers would have faced this year, although the north will still have been met by snow and ice in the first part of the year. Summer may here now and the warmer weather has come Read more [...]