Keep Fit and Fab with these Easy Tips for Working out at Home During the Holidays

The holidays are an especially hard time to keep fit and stay healthy, mainly due to the temptation to simply relax, and eat whatever and whenever we wish. That said, the following home workout tips should help you stay on track of your fitness regimen during the holiday period: Exercises Wall press-ups Wall press-ups are a great way to burn off those extra calories and strengthen your forearms. On how they are done, simply stand about 65cm away from a wall and keep your feet hip-width apart, Read more [...]
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How To Control Algae In Your Pond

Algae is the number one cause of frustration for pond owners. There is nothing worse than seeing your pond turn from the fish haven you love into a green blanket. Algae presents life-threatening problems for your fish, other wildlife and plants so leaving it is not really an option. Coupled with the fact that you will no longer be able to see your fish and the depleted oxygen levels, there’s no better time than now to solve the problem. The good news is that algae is relatively easy to get rid Read more [...]
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Tastes from all over India

Here in the UK, we have a real taste for Indian food - but no matter how much you love your local curry house, few people would deny that you can't beat eating your favourite dishes in India itself. And firm foodies know that one of the real joys of travelling is tasting local food, meaning that there are far worse reasons to head to India than to experience its amazing culinary creations. What's particularly exciting about the cuisine in India, whether you're planning a food-focused holiday or Read more [...]

Is your beauty balance on your diet programme?

Dieters falling prey to the sugar crash Research conducted on behalf of the Diet Pills Watchdog suggests we are trying to stay healthy, but the lure of sweet treats is making us fall off the bandwagon. The study revealed that nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) of us view sugar as our downfall. Snacks laden with the white stuff are luring us away from our healthy eating plans. Most of us seem to succumb to our cravings and those who don't are still tempted. A further 23 per cent of those who Read more [...]

Eating and Driving Causes Car Wrecks Too

Eating and driving is one of the main factors in causing car wrecks, fender benders, and car accidents. Eating and driving has become popular in recent years because of how quickly society is moving. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done. Unfortunately, people have been trying to save time by doing two things at once. However, eating and driving is an action that could be fatal. Multitasking In modern society, multitasking is acceptable and praised. Read more [...]