Green Ideas For New Business Start-Ups

With climate change a real concern for many people around the world, new businesses with a conscience may be toying with the idea of creating a green company. If you’d like to earn cash, with as little impact to the environment as possible, here are some ideas to get you started. Sustainable Event Planning Big, celebratory events really do make their mark on the environment; especially the local environment. It’s amazing the litter and refuse that is produced by these gatherings. As a sustainable Read more [...]

Top 10 Jobs for College Students

Many college students look for great jobs they can keep while earning their degree – here is a list of the top ten jobs. These days, many students attending college are looking for great jobs that they can maintain as they work towards earning their degree. As a college student, I have held a variety of jobs and have thus gained extensive knowledge regarding which positions can be personally and professionally advantageous for you. To get a better understanding regarding which jobs will likely Read more [...]

How the sports and fashion worlds intertwine

Everybody is on a fitness kick these days and busy schedules are packed with morning runs, lunch time gym sessions, yoga nights, and after hours training swims. Action packed lifestyles are where it's at and having the right clothes to compliment this has never been more important. Sport and fitness have become such a big part of our lives that we have changed the way we dress on a day to day basis. Today, we seek out clothing that not only looks good whilst we're working out, but works equally well Read more [...]

Helping First Time Business Owners Wade through PHP

PHP does not require a herculean effort from the uninitiated such as first time business owners to get acquainted with it. When compared to other languages in the server scripting business, PHP pales in comparison with respect to difficulty in learning it and is worthy to set the novices eyes upon as it is not taxing on the mind. This simple language can let them have a bite of it without turning sour and distasteful in their mouths.   Reasons that make PHP a hit among the novices There Read more [...]

Four Tips to Add Spunk to Your Boring Office Wardrobe

Clothing for the office doesn't have to be drab and boring. There are easy and stylish ways to achieve a look that is both professional and energized. Adding a pop of color or a bold accessory can liven up your work outfits and help you look spunky, confident and fashionable. Here are some tried and true ways to jazz up your workplace wardrobe. Stunning Scarves Scarves provide an unbelievably easy way to add some spirit to a conservative work outfit. Bright colors or fun patterns can really help Read more [...]