Choosing the Right Hosting Plan for your Business

When businesses get online, there’s a wealth of benefits to enjoy. Not only is there the benefits of networking, creating more customers and providing a new way to sell items; the internet is one of the more powerful sharing tools there is. Many businesses find setting up a website can really help put them on the map. In the case of a small business setting up a website, there are relatively simple ways of doing so. Some may choose to pick a free website provider, but the potential of these is Read more [...]

Take Your Company Online with 4 Easy Applications

The owners of a lot of traditional brick and mortar small businesses, particularly those that aren’t exactly dealing in high technology products and/or services, are somewhat skittish around the idea of taking their brand online. The xenophobia is justified, with all the unnecessarily sensationalized news about hacking and other security issues involving the internet. You, the tech-savvy internet denizen, have a golden opportunity to help these small businesses get their foot in the door. Even Read more [...]