Your Essential Guide to the Different Costs Involved in Planning a Move

When you move to a new location, it involves a lot of planning, time, and effort. Aside from sorting through all your belongings and packing, you have to deal with the actual costs of the move itself. And moving can involve certain expenses that are non-negotiable. So, what are the costs involved in planning a move? How can you have a better idea of the expenses for which you need to prepare? Here’s your essential guide to the different costs involved in planning a move. The cost of the removals Read more [...]

Luxottica Offers No Concessions to EU Regulators Over Proposed Merger with Essilor

Almost as soon as Luxottica and Essilor announced their proposed 46 billion Euro merger, their competitors were highlighting serious concerns over the potential impact on the industry. It seemed the European Commission agreed, as in September of this year their EU antitrust regulators announced a full-scale investigation into the merger. Despite their investigation however, neither the Italian eyewear giant nor the French lens manufacturer have offered any concessions whatsoever to allay antitrust Read more [...]

Buying vs. Renting: 8 Reasons You Really Want that Mortgage

Buying a house is a huge financial commitment, and many adults find the decision between renting and buying to be a tough one. Renting does have a few advantages, especially if you don't know where your career will take you, or you're not in the financial position to buy the home you really want. However, the perks of owning your own home are hard to deny. The following eight advantages of buying your home may persuade you to take the plunge.   A recent study found that in large metropolitan Read more [...]

Maintenance Tips for Office Equipment

When the office copier breaks down, work comes to a screeching halt. Even the most responsive repair professionals take time to get to your location and fix the problem. Proper office equipment maintenance can help minimize these issues and keep your machine up and running. 1. Choose the Right Location Make sure your office equipment is in a location that will cause minimal problems. Do not place your copier or printer next to a heater, for instance, and make sure that pathways are clear around Read more [...]

FTP D-day: Why enterprises need smarter solutions now

Hosted file sharing services are the current personas non grata of the corporate file and internal data sharing sphere. In recent years services like Dropbox and Google Drive (although both of these services do employ a high standard of security) have been targeted by hackers, compromising private and sensitive data. With these nice, highly intuitive and usable solutions no longer deemed safe by those in the know, many businesses are switching back to FTP (File Transfer Protocol), a relatively old Read more [...]

How to Prepare for Your Next College Semester in 2014

Preparing to start new classes is a daunting task, be it online or on campus. There's the pain of registering for new classes, registering your car for on-campus parking, and also hunting down the books you need this semester. With so much to do, it's easy to want to put it all on the back burner and just enjoy the rest of summer. All your friends are, so why shouldn't you? Below is a collection of tips on how you can easily survive the first year of college without sacrificing much of your personal Read more [...]

What Is Toner? | The Difference Between Printer Toner & Ink

We have all had that phone call at the office or at our home. “Hello there Sir, would you be interested in saving money today? We have some great savings to be made on your ink and toner supplies!” Usually followed by an assault of information about office supply subscriptions where you try tell them you are not interested but fail…miserably and end up on the phone for another 10 minutes. If you have always used an inkjet printer, you may have been thinking (like many others), well what is Read more [...]

Get Acquainted with the Basics of Options Trading

Basically, options are legally binding contracts that allow traders to purchase stocks at set prices within a certain period of time. The right to buy though does not obligate the trader to fulfil the transaction. Option trading offers a very profitable way of earning money, but you must first fully understand all the underlying aspects, factors and principles included. In simple words, option trading can be extremely complicated without the right knowledge. Thus, in order to start earning through Read more [...]

5 Great Tips When You Are Preparing to Move to a New House

5 Great Tips When You are Preparing to Move to a New House When you are preparing to move to a new home, it is important to have a plan for packaging and moving your personal belongings and furniture. Moving to a new home requires attention to detail and a full understanding of what you own and plan to take with you. Moving to a new home is a great way to expand space or change up the scenery around you. When you are planning to move to a new house, packing properly can help to save time and in Read more [...]