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A Woman’s Ever Changing Priorities: Which One is Yours?

Recently, a slew of friends and relatives have gotten married. In fact, I’ll be attending another wedding this month, the fifth one for this year. Two more friends are tying the knot later this year. I must be near that age when women start to feel their biological clock ticking and make that mad dash down the wedding aisle. Despite all the wedding hullabaloo happening all around me, I still don’t don’t feel the pressure to settle down–at least not just yet. Talking to different female friends, Read more […]

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National Safety Month is Coming Up: Four Ways to Get a Head Start

Although National Safety Month doesn’t officially begin until June, there’s no harm in preparing early to make the most of this important awareness-raising period. In reality, safety should be a top priority all year. However, the National Safety Council has made it easy for homeowners and business owners everywhere to apply crucial safety principles by dividing them into four themes—one for each week. The following will act as a helpful guide for your company to prepare for each week. 1. Preventing Read more […]

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