Marquess of Milford Haven: The man behind Sussex’s international polo hub

Many aristocrats enjoy playing polo, but it could be said that the Marquess of Milford Haven has many other interests other than his love for the sport. George Milford Haven was the founder of uSwitch.com, the leading energy price comparison website in the UK. Since its inception in the year 2000, uSwitch grew a reputation as a Consumer Champion, allowing users to compare, switch and save money on their energy tariffs thanks to the deregulation laws which were passed at the time. uSwitch.com Read more [...]
Broken iPhone

Instant Benefits of Insuring your iPhone

If you have purchased an iPhone, the next crucial step is to buy an iPhone insurance policy so that you can avail appropriate financial help during any kind of unavoidable situations. Such instances may include liquid damage, theft, sudden loss or any other kind of unintentional damages. It is obvious these circumstances are not manmade and it is impossible to exercise control over them no matter how careful and responsible a person you are. For those of you who want to enjoy this highly technological Read more [...]

The Necessity of Electricity

It is easy to take electricity for granted. A house is wired before the plasterers move in and it is only the sockets and switches that identify that electricity is even there. The external source of electricity is linked into the house via a meter to record consumption. Once available it makes the house function; everything from kitchen appliances to lighting. Electricity flows through the house and is on call whenever it is required. Whenever there is a power cut, and happily such things are infrequent, Read more [...]

5 easy steps to make your school more eco-friendly

Schools have a responsibility to lead the way when it comes to sustainability, teaching the younger generation to grow up to become responsible adults. Alongside saving the planet, effective risk management and reduced environmental impairment can result in lower insurance premiums for your school. Insurance brokers such as Bluefin Groupspecialise in providing insurance and risk management advice to the education sector, so speak to the experts and see how improving your carbon footprint could also Read more [...]

Don’t let Amazon’s decision leave your business up the creek without a paddle

Navigating international tax regimes is a tricky business at the best of times but any company involved in web-based trade overseas could well find their corporate tax affairs getting considerably more complicated. This following a major decision by global behemoth, Amazon, to change its policy with regard to international tax by recognising every sale as taking place in the country where the sale originates i.e. where the customer is. International tax experts at leading accountants, Baker Tilly, Read more [...]

Tips for Planning the Most Relaxing Spa Getaway When Travelling

If you are feeling a little stressed out and overwhelmed with life in general, a spa weekend is the perfect way to relieve stress and help you feel centred and balanced again. You will be able to sit back and enjoy as you are pampered by the finest treatments, making you feel beautiful and completely relaxed. When you are planning your spa getaway, you don’t want arranging the trip and getting there and back to be stressful – as that would negate the purpose of the spa experience! In order Read more [...]
Collection cars

How to Insure Multiple Cars while still saving Money

The level of investment confidence in the UK offers an insight into economic sentiment, while also underlining the fact that British business owners are more confident than they have been in years. This is despite the fact that the level of economic growth in the UK subsided during the second financial quarter, as the housing market and employment statistics suffered an unexpected set-back. So although companies are right to remain buoyant and should continue to back their ventures, they may need Read more [...]

Hitachi UK: The Benefits of Choosing a Hitachi Commercial Fleet

Using a commercial vehicle fleet is one of the most cost effective solutions for business travel. Whether you supply company vehicles to individual reps within your staff body or you need to use a fleet service which gives your employees the option of a business pool car, employing a commercial fleet specialist such as Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, could be your most economical option. Commercial vehicle leasing offers a convenient and simple way to provide your staff with the right cars Read more [...]

European fund to help business lends £4m in Southwest

One of the difficulties faced by small and medium sized businesses in search of additional finance is knowing just where to look. There is already a bewildering range of potential sources of finance – both lending and investment – from both traditional and an increasingly broad band of alternative providers.   But there are also government funds specifically designated for use in the regional development of certain parts of the UK – if you know where to find them. Thanks to recent Read more [...]
chaninging weather

How changing weather can harm your vehicle

Keen travellers are preparing for summer trips, but having seen one of the wettest winters on record and with the hottest summer coming up, they ought to take a look over their vehicles and see what damage the changing weather has caused. The flooding that devastated the south is one of the most noteworthy hurdles that drivers would have faced this year, although the north will still have been met by snow and ice in the first part of the year. Summer may here now and the warmer weather has come Read more [...]