Scuba diving is a fantastic way to explore the underwater world, a world that is always full of exciting environment and new discoveries. It is also an excellent way to break from the sometimes-boring daily norm and improve your mental and physical health. It opens a completely new world of pristine coral reefs, discovering sunken marine vessels, kelp forests and marine life.

Scuba diving helps release stress through the slow, relaxed breathing movements. This deep breathing promotes a calm attitude and reduces the risk of lung injury. It increases lung capacity, strengthens the respiratory system and drains mucous.

Aside from health benefits, taking a scuba diving break means travelling to warm destinations where you can enjoy basking in the sun, exploring new adventures and meet new people as you travel from one dive destination to the next.

Some of the incredible diving destinations in the world include Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Maldives and Red Sea.


Golf is a fine sport that keeps the body healthy and fit, gives you an opportunity to travel and meet new people. The best part of taking a golf break is that it allows you to stay outdoors enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Strolling through the links in incredible surroundings is beneficial in many ways and helps you to release steam and uplift your spirits after many days of working hard in the office.

Whether you aim to perfect your skills like Tiger Woods or just playing for fun, golf involves a lot of walking, the worse you play the more walking there is to do. It is a fun way to exercise without even noticing how many miles you cover. It is an excellent way to keep your cardiovascular system healthy, lower cholesterol levels and increase your metabolism rate.

In as much as golf breaks help you exercise and relax, you also get to meet new people, travel to many parts of the world and maintain a healthy brain and there are plenty of great golf holiday deals out there to make the trips affordable.

You get to explore major golf destinations such as Spain, UK and Portugal as well as upcoming destinations such as Morocco, Montenegro and South Africa.


Australia is a hub for different kinds of sports and it is easy to go mad for sports in the massive land down under. It hosts marathon runners, golfers, rugby lovers, cricket fans and water sports lovers. The Ashes is one of the oldest international cricket series that dates back to the year 1882. The Ashes is the name of the Test Cricket series played between England and Australia biennially and alternately.

There is nothing in the world like watching cricket in Australia throughout summer from November to February. Cricket enthusiasts from all over the globe flock the iconic cricket grounds, from MCG in Melbourne to the Sidney Cricket Ground, Perth’s WACA and Brisbane Gabba. Many people rent a campervan like this to travel around the different tests and do a full cricket tour. It is an exciting season of watching thrilling games, meeting new people and exploring the magnificent cities of Australia.

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