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Here in the UK, we have a real taste for Indian food – but no matter how much you love your local curry house, few people would deny that you can’t beat eating your favourite dishes in India itself. And firm foodies know that one of the real joys of travelling is tasting local food, meaning that there are far worse reasons to head to India than to experience its amazing culinary creations.

What’s particularly exciting about the cuisine in India, whether you’re planning a food-focused holiday or you’re just hoping to try a few local delicacies in between sightseeing trips, is that it varies so much from one place to the next. Here are a few fabulous dishes to keep your eyes (and nose!) peeled for during your next holiday to India.

Matar paneer

This is a classic north Indian dish, made from cottage cheese (paneer) and matar (peas). A really warming, homely concoction, it is typically served with sides like naan, roti and paratha. This is a great dish to try if you’re after a hearty vegetarian meal that’s full of flavour.

Vada pav

India’s got a great reputation for its street food, and Mumbai is a particularly good place to go if you want to try it, since it’s famous for the calibre of its street food stands. Stroll around and you’ll smell all kinds of delicious aromas, which make it tempting to try just about everything! But one dish you should particularly look out for is vada pav. This consists of ‘vada’, which are fried spicy potato patties, in ‘pav’, or white baps spread with butter and chutney.

Dal baati churma

Incredibly popular in Rajasthan, dal baati churma is an absolutely delicious dish that combines lentils (dal) with baati (wheat rolls) and chutney. Since this dish is so typical of Rajasthan, you’re bound to come across it while you’re there – make sure you jump at the chance to try it!

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