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Technological Issues for Businesses Today

Technology has helped many businesses become successful and save time, money and energy. Most technological advances have served to make life more convenient and enjoyable and improve service quality to customers. These are all good reasons for technology and its constant development which can be used to show any techno-skeptics how beneficial it can be.

For example, strides in health care have now allowed for heart strategy to be completed through the help of robotics. The da Vinci robot helps surgeon’s complete invasive surgery, which cannot be completed precisely by human hands. Businesses should continue to re-evaluate technology and stay on the cutting edge in order to provide up to date services and products to clients.

Technological Issues for Businesses Today

We live in a world where technology is changing and new innovations are introduced every day. We also live in a world whereby there are new business’ starting every day meaning the technology they adopt and use for their business will be more advanced than the business’ starting earlier.

It is vital for companies to grow with technology, to be proactive in terms of change and flexible with their ideas. A prime example whereby a company didn’t evolve and failed to compete with brands that did adapt to technology is that of HMV. They failed to compete with online retailer Amazon, and supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Even though they have been on the high street since 1921 and had a very loyal fan-base, their lack of proactivity in terms of online presence has led to their demise. Being the last major music and DVD retailer on the high street, is testament to their brand strength. But this is a prime example of how a brand with such a strong name and fan-base can easily go into non-existence because of their reluctance to change and the competitiveness of other brands. Companies must stay ahead of the game by implementing.

Implementing an IT Service Management System

Now, for some business owners implementing an IT service management system may sound like complete technological jargon, however this is one of the most important things any business owner can do. For everyone not in the know, an IT Service Management System helps businesses in terms of their operational sides of things. It helps IT professionals to organise the whole technological side of their business – which is becoming increasingly important, as seen in HMV’s case above.

It is vital that companies install IT Service Management and help desk software that integrates all the essential IT tools into one service desk. Some forms of service management software incorporate a rich set of features in one, including a powerful help desk, asset management, and other easy to use tools for analysing and optimising help desk performance.

Social Media Transparency

In a time whereby almost everyone is using some kind of social media platform, it is imperative that a company has at least one social page. Around 40% of people have used a social media platform to contact a company and 75% of which have said it was a better method than using a call centre.

By using social media as a form of contacting your customers, it is a great research method for businesses to use to find out more about their target audience. Any replies on social media are also transparent, giving other people a chance to view your replies and an opportunity to convey a friendly brand personality and image.

However, this is also a chance for consumers to mock a brand and a catastrophe when social media campaigns aren’t planned well. An example of a poorly implemented social media strategy would be that of a shop saying “I shop at [shop name] because…” users tweeted with replies such as “I shop at [shop name] because [rival shop] doesn’t stock unicorn food.” All social media strategies need to be well thought out and relevant to the industry the business is in.

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