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The art of feeding and growing the plants

If you want to have a colorful garden at your home it is essential to see that the plants are healthy. For becoming healthy the plants also need nutrients which you have to supply by adding vegetable waste, compost and other chemical fertilizers. But the point to be considered is the amount of nutrient the subject Plant food care needs because depending upon the plant variety its nutrient requirements also varies. The preliminary requirement for you will be to know the exact status of nutrients in the soil. This article will try to give you a general guide to the nutrients needs of your plants including the necessities of man- made fertilizers or organic forms of fertilizers.

Major nutrient elements for plants

There are three major elements for the Plant food care that are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Nitrogen is the most essential nutrient that helps in the growth of strong and healthy stems, leaves and shoots. Potassium is required for improving the quality of the flowers and also gives the plant resistance to the various types of diseases. Phosphorus is given for the growth of the sturdy roots. In addition to these essential elements there are other elements that help in the proper growth of the plants. These are calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, copper, manganese, boron, zinc and molybdenum.

The other important point that has to be borne in mind is that even if the soil of your garden contains the elements yet those may not be of sufficient quantity or not in the form that is acceptable to the plants. The deficiency in iron causes the leaves of the flowering trees like camellia and rhododendron becoming yellow.

Man-made fertilizers for the plants

The advantage with the man-made fertilizers is that these are specific plant oriented and hence it is possible to provide the correct amount of the nutrients to the specific Plant food care as per the requirements. Such fertilizers are Grow More, Begonia Fertilizer, Lawn Feed, Tomato Feed, Slow Release Plant Food, Multi Prop Compost, Magnesium, Sulphur, Compost, Organic Sea Weed, Bone Mill, Cactus compost etc. With these man-made nutrients it is possible to supply the nutrients to the plants in a controlled way. The trace elements need to be added to the soil in exact amounts and these balanced fertilizers serve the purpose in the nice ways. In this aspect the early release or the slow release nutrients play a significant role.

Organic fertilizers

If you lay special emphasis on organic farming that are free from any sort of chemicals, there are amny types of organic fertilizers available in the market. These are made from the recycled animal vegetable wastes. These fertilizers are also enriched by adding various minerals but at the end these fertilizers are completely free from chemicals. Organic seaweed type of fertilizer is particularly beneficial for the grass and vegetables being a very effective kind of organic food for the plants. You can have these products both in the form of liquid or in the form of pellets from the market. The manure made from the poultry waste is another major source of nitrogen. This is also an effective organic fertilizer for the Plant food care.

The garden planters

Your garden planters are the right men for deciding the right type of nutrients that your plants need. They have the idea about your soil condition and the requirement of correct amount of nutrients for the specific plants.

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