The Benefits of All in One Tanks

Fish keeping is a huge hobby and there is a large amount of equipment from the tank itself to lighting and accessories. Many manufacturers now offer a complete kit, ready to ‘plug and play’ to make it much easier for the novice and even experienced aquarists.

The main benefit of ‘all in one’ aquariums is that the tank comes complete with everything you need to set up the aquarium. From a small 20 litre tank to a huge 500 litre aquarium, every size is available in a complete set. Even cabinets are available with many set ups, so you have storage as well as place for the tank.

It can be daunting to a novice to have to source the right filter, heater and lighting for their new tank as there are so many variants on the market today. As a complete kit has everything you need, so it takes the hard work out of the equation. Swell UK have a huge range of tanks complete with heating, lighting and filtration kit, plus a range of other accessories, all at great prices.

It looks good. A complete set up is often designed so that the components fit seamlessly together for a great appearance. Many are available in different colours and finishes too, so there is a choice of style.

They can be a great money saver. Buying a small to medium set up can be less costly than buying a new tank and the relevant kit separately. However, a large set up can be expensive as they generally have many features to make the very best of your considerable set up. Although again, this means the aquarium is ready to go, saving the time of sourcing specialised filtration equipment, for example.

Another great advantage is that once your aquarium arrives, you’re ready to set it up. With full instructions and a little hard work, an aquarium can be up and ready to go in a short time. It’s still important to follow a good cycling programme to avoid New Tank Syndrome however. When setting up a new tank, give the water time to be sufficiently matured before adding fish.

So, any drawbacks?

Not really. Like most things the key is to really do your research before you make a big purchase, and consider the following points:

Which fish am I planning to keep? Tropical fish need a heater, so check that the set up you are considering includes one. This will also mean special lighting to enhance the beautiful tropical colours.

Is media included? If not, what does the filter require? How expensive is it and how often should it be replaced.

Is the equipment sufficient? Check that the filtration and lighting is adequate for your needs. Check with the retailer and advise them on the fish you plan to keep. It may be that the filtration needs to be higher to cope with the fish stock.

An all in one aquarium is ideal if you are looking to set up a fish tank but are unsure of the kit you’ll need. Don’t be afraid of speaking to your retailer for more advice, as they will be able to guide you to the best tank for you.

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