The Greatest Heroes of the Sci-Fi Movie Genre

In 1902, a French film-maker named George Meilies released A Trip to the Moon. Though only 18-minutes long and produced on a 10,000-franc budget, the silent movie about a group of astronomers cannon-propelled onto the moon had a huge impact on cinema. In fact, with its clever social commentary, impressive special effects and ideas about strange phenomena, it kicked-started the entire science-fiction film genre.

For the first few decades after A Trip to the Moon, sci-fi mainly consisted of low-budget B movies about your standard topics (aliens, space travel, parallel worlds, etc.). But after the release of Star Wars in the late 1970s, we started seeing more big-budget, highly-original sci-fi blockbusters, that speculated on everything from genetically-engineered dinosaurs (Jurassic Park) to cyborg cops (RoboCop).

Sci-fi now stands as one of the most expansive and highest-grossing movie genres out there. And with so many awesome sci-fi films available, deciding on the top 5 greatest sci-fi character heroes of all time is no easy task. Luckily, we’ve got the experts from the online casino to do all the hard work for us. Having released slots to tie in with sci-fi movies like Planet of the Apes and Superman, bgo have had no problem creating a shortlist of heroes. Check below to see which sci-fi characters made the cut.

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